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Business Process Analysis

( Duration: 2 Days )

Organizations today operate in a complicated, complex, rapidly changing globally competitive business environment. To keep pace, business processes continually adapt and change – formally and often informally, ad-hoc and slowly. The result is that many business processes are a tangled web of inefficient work activities, ambiguous policies and legacy procedures that consume resources and impede performance. These same processes, unfortunately, often provide the source for business systems requirements - requirements that reflect legacy business rules that constrain, rather than improve, business processes.

The Business Process Analysis (BPA) training course provides analysts with the best practice techniques and methods to coherently map, accurately measure and thoroughly analyze business processes and work activities across the organization. This deep level of engagement provides the foundation for identifying improvements and developing effective, efficient, agile forward-facing business processes and supporting systems.

By attending Business Process Analysis workshop, delegates will learn:

  • To quickly and accurately map business processes
  • To mine deep tribal knowledge
  • A practical proven framework and roadmap for process analysis
  • To identify both high-value and non-productive work activities
  • To ask specific questions that elicit deep business knowledge
  • To identify key metrics and performance indicators (KPIs)
  • To identify silos and sources of sub-optimization
  • To analyze cross-functional hand-offs
  • Specific tactics to produce immediate results
  • To identify process gaps and perform root cause analysis
  • To identify business requirements applicable to IT solutions

  • Business Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, Business Subject Matter Experts, Project Managers, IT Professionals, Subject Matter Experts and other stakeholders focused on mapping, measuring and analyzing business processes.



Introduction to Dashboards

  • Business processes vs. functions
  • Scoping business processes
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • The 5 essential analysis questions
  • Aligning the 3 axes of analysis
  • The process change continuum

Defining Work Activities

  • Identifying Work Activities
  • The 7 "W"s: Deconstructing & decomposing work activities
  • Going Deep: Detailing work activities via UML activity diagrams
  • Classifying work activities
  • Capturing complexity

Mapping Business Processes

  • BP Modeling Notation (BPMN)
  • The mechanics of process mapping
  • The 5 patterns of workflow
  • Mapping alternatives and exceptions
  • Mapping cross-functional handoffs
  • Mapping complex workflows

Mapping Business Processes

  • The framework for measurement
  • Measurement, metrics and indicators
  • Effectiveness and efficiency metrics
  • Choosing the right metrics
  • KPIs for improvement

Analyzing Business Processes

  • Identifying and analyzing process gaps
  • Challenging legacy business rules
  • Performing root cause analysis
  • Conducting forward facing analysis

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