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Business Architecture and Process Management

( Duration: 3 Days )

The Business Architecture and Process Management training course teaches the basics of Business Architecture as a business management and project practice. It instructs how to apply business consulting and transformational business process engineering practices focusing on how to generate business value and capability through the adoption of standards and modeling methodologies.

Many companies are struggling with transformational change initiatives across multiple channels and products. In understanding how to architect results and translate these into project/program definitions and scope they will be able to positively impact the planning and business objectives of their organizations.

By attending Business Architecture and Process Management workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Create and apply a Business Component Model
  • Create and apply a Business Functional Model
  • Identify critical/directly impacted business processes
  • Model business process to expose business requirements
  • Create and use modeling language and notational standards
  • Identify relevant processes for process management
  • Apply analytical tools and styles to develop reengineered/transformational process
  • Understanding how to drive process quality and business case development through critical indicators and dashboards
  • How to protect your corporate asset

Good understanding of process design and re-engineering

A general knowledge of process analysis techniques would be useful but not mandatory.

This Business Architecture and Process Management class is designed for all parties involved in documenting processes, business requirements and operational outcomes i.e, Business Architects, Business Consultants, Business Analysts, Business Transformation Organizations, and Business Operations Organizations.





Business architecture and process management

  • Process consulting
  • Key performance indicators
  • Business process management lifecycle model


  • Verb set and definitions
  • Business process management notations (bpmn)
    • Flowchart drawings – notations

Process management

  • Definition of processes and products
    • Product
    • Core product
    • Critical business process (cbp)
    • Core process
    • Sub process
    • Adding value to the process
    • Relevant revenue process
    • Verb
    • Activity
    • Events
  • Definition of relevant processes for process management
    • Identification of revenue relevant critical processes
  • Metrics
    • Process maturity
    • Process assessment
    • Methodology adoption maturity assessment
  • Using eba models
    • Scope and stakeholders
  • Process modeling
    • Process modeling /mapping
    • Levels of detail
    • Tips to customizing critical business processes
    • Designing workflows:
    • Model consistency
    • Process flow maintenance
    • Workflow model checklist
  • Applying modeling for stp (straight through processing)
  • Measurement of process performance
    • Focus of measurement
    • Definition of critical indicators
    • Definition of targets for critical indicators
    • Results
    • Performance committees reviews
    • Quality committee governance board
    • Preventative and corrective actions

Continual process improvement and transformation

  • Motivation for process improvements
  • Process improvement methodologies
    • How to select the methodology approach for process improvement
  • Types of methodologies for process improvement
    • Process automation improvement projects (transformational)
    • Business process review
    • Six sigma
    • Project scoping through effective management
  • Process improvement projects
    • Creation of critical process improvement projects (green)
    • Process automation improvement projects (transformational)
    • Project management
  • Process improvement approaches
    • Brainstorming
    • 5w-2h
    • Pareto charts
    • Severity, urgency and trend (sut)
    • S.I.P.O.C.
    • S.W.O.T. analysis
    • Ishikawa diagram
    • Flowchart: as is / should be model
    • Other process analysis and improvement tools
  • Indicators and improvement initiatives
  • Control of improvement initiatives

Modelling framework repository governance

  • Objective of model governance
  • Collaborative process management
  • Governance process
    • Accountability/sponsor of process governance
    • Repository configuration
    • Certification process
    • Change management control

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