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TrueSight Orchestration - Development

( Duration: 3 Days )

The TrueSight Orchestration - Development training course creates an environment in which you can build and test the TrueSight Orchestrator infrastructure. You are presented with real-world tasks and the information and tools necessary to complete each task, which will develop basic TrueSight Orchestrator skills.

By attending TrueSight Orchestration - Developer workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Reduce the risk of manual errors by automating basic IT tasks
  • Improve quality of IT service through the automation of common, repeatable tasks
  • Identify and configure the primary components of the TrueSight Orchestrator infrastructure
  • Identify the elements of the Development Studio
  • Create processes that invoke various base adapters, for example:
    • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
    • Structured Query Language (SQL)
    • Secure Shell (SSH)
    • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
    • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  • Transform data using XPATH
  • Use Context Item Variables
  • Identify advanced process activities including the switch and loop activities
  • Add Compensation to Workflow processes
  • Schedule job execution
  • Use the Debugger tool to test processes

  • Knowledge of TrueSight Orchestration - Architecture and Components

Administrators, Process designers & Software Developers



Introduction to TrueSight Orchestration: Purpose and Architecture

  • TSO - IT Process Automation/Orchestration Engine
  • TSO - Product Architecture
  • TSO - Key Use Cases
  • TSO - Installation /Deployment Scenarios

Developing the Hello World Workflow: Using the File Adapter

  • How to Configure and Activate the Adapter
  • Creating a Module and a Process: Hello World Workflow

Using the SMTP Adapter

  • SMTP Adapter - Basics, Configuration and Activation on the Grid
  • Develop the Email Workflow
  • Define the Context Items and Passing Data via Context Items

Overview of IT Process Automation: Taking a Systematic Approach

  • IT Process Automation - Taking a Systematic Approach

Using the SSH/WinCMD/PowerShell Adapters

  • SSH Adapter- Basics, Configuration and Activation on the Grid
  • Design and Development of a Workflow for the L1 operator Use Case
  • Add the Operator Dialog Box
  • Export and Activate the Module to the Grid
  • Using the Operator Control Panel

Using the Operations Actions Modules

  • Understanding the Operations Actions Modules
  • Populating the Concept - Connection Details
  • Designing and Developing a Workflow to Use an Operations Actions Module

Using the Transform Editor

  • XML Basics
  • Using the Basic Transform Editor
  • Using the Advanced Transform Editor

Using the SQL Actor Adapter

  • Purpose of SQL Actor Adapter and Benefits
  • SQL Actor Adapter Configuration Prerequisite
  • Demo and Configure the SQL Actor Adapter
  • Design a Workflow to Execute a Query
  • Use of Loop
  • Browse Through Other SQL Workflows

Using the SQL Monitor Adapter

  • Differentiating Between Actor and Monitor Adapters
  • SQL Monitor Adapter – Basics, Configuration, and Activation on the Grid
  • Designing and Developing a Monitor Workflow

Using the SNMP Adapter

  • Design and Activate a SNMP Workflow on the Grid
  • View the output and Check the Log Files for Workflow Execution

Using the HTTP Adapter

  • Purpose and Usage of HTTP Adapter
  • Configure and Activate the HTTP Adapter
  • HTTP get/put/post and delete Workflows
  • Demo and Implement the Use Case
  • Use of the Switch Activity

Using the Debugger

  • Using the Debugger Tool within the Development Studio
  • Using the Breakpoint Manager

Creating a Schedule

  • Purpose of Scheduling
  • Creating a New Schedule Job
  • Scheduling via Grid Manager

Adding Compensation

  • Purpose of a Compensation
  • Add a Compensation

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