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BMC Remedy AR System - Administration

( Duration: 4 Days )

In BMC Remedy AR System - Administration training course, you will dive into deeper concepts and technical aspects of AR System. This course provides the information for performing tasks of an AR System administrator, from managing user access to maintaining an application.

By attending BMC Remedy AR System - Administration workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Explain the fundamentals of BMC AR System
  • Understand centralized configuration system forms
  • Navigate the AR System Administration Console
  • Use the Server Information form to configure the AR System server
  • Understand AR System access control
  • Define the AR System user base
  • Understand Centralized User Preferences
  • Describe the fundamentals of Full Text Search (FTS)
  • Understand Forms and Fields
  • Understand the process of Auditing and Archiving Data
  • Define Indexes
  • Understand the process of Importing and Exporting Data
  • Understand the fundamentals of port numbers
  • Work with logs

  • Basic Knowledge of BMC Remedy AR System

Administrators & Developers



Getting Started

  • Overview of BMC Remedy AR System
  • Fundamentals of Remedy AR System which include:
    • Platform Overview
    • Features
    • Licensing Overview
    • Access Control Overview
    • Application Development Overview
    • Archiving Overview
  • Understanding the system architecture which includes:
    • Architectural Overview
    • Remedy AR System Architecture
    • Remedy Mid Tier Architecture
    • Common Configuration Settings


  • Understanding AR System Administration which includes:
    • The role of a Remedy AR System administrator
  • Navigating AR System Server Information and Centralized Configuration which includes:
    • How to back up and restoring centralized configuration settings
    • Understand centralized configuration system forms
    • Navigate the AR System Administration Console
    • Use the Server Information form to configure the AR System server
  • Configuring BMC Remedy Mid Tier which includes:
    • Basic Mid Tier Settings using the Mid Tier Configuration tool
  • Navigate Centralized User Preferences which includes:
    • Identifying the types of preference forms for centralized preferences
    • Accessing Preference forms for centralized preferences
    • Establishing a preference server
    • Setting the AR System user preference form
    • Setting user preferences in the BMC Remedy Mid Tier

Access Control

  • Understanding Remedy AR System Access Control which includes:
    • Defining the administrator security role
    • Creating and managing users and groups, and mapping roles in Remedy AR System
    • Defining the sub-administrator security role
    • Describing the restrictions when logging in to a Remedy AR System Server
    • Explaining row-level access control
    • Understanding permissions of Centralized Configuration components
    • Identifying user form access
  • Defining the Remedy AR System User Base

Advanced Administration

  • Describe the fundamentals of Email Engine
  • Explaining the Fundamentals of Full Text Search (FTS)
  • Understanding how FTS works
  • Work with Ports and Queues

Forms and Fields

  • Understanding Forms and Fieldswhich includes:
    • Identifying the Types of Forms
    • Setting Form Properties in Base Development Mode and Best Practice Customization Mode
    • Identifying the Types of Form Views
    • Understanding the Basic FieldTypes

Managing Data

  • Understanding Audit and Archive of Data
  • Understanding Indexing of Data
  • Understanding how to Import and Export Data

Maintaining Performance and Working With Logs

  • Working with logs which includes:
    • Explaining BMC Remedy Mid Tier Logging
    • Viewing Logs from the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool
    • Logging and Monitoring AR System Server
    • Enabling Logs for Performance Issues
    • Identifying the Types of Logs
    • Managing Logs for Server Group
    • Gathering Information for BMC Remedy AR System Support
    • Collecting Mid Tier Information

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