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BMC Control-M - Workload Automation

( Duration: 1 Day )

The BMC Control-M - Workload Automation training course covers the basic concepts of distributed Control-M. It familiarizes you with the functionality of Control-M Workload Automation. The initial modules provide introductory information on Control-M concepts and terminology, followed by modules providing information on the basic flow and functioning of Control-M Workload Automation. The course also includes information on how to use the Control-M Workload Automation interface to monitor and manage an environment, including details on how to use Viewpoints to review job status details and Workspaces to create and schedule the job definitions for an environment.

By attending BMC Control-M - Workload Automation workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe Control-M architecture, concepts, and the purpose and functionality of Control-M Workload Automation
  • Navigate and perform common functions in the Control-M Workload Automation interface
  • Perform various actions on jobs, including actions that can be used to control and analyze job flow
  • Order jobs from Control-M Workload Automation
  • Describe the purpose of job conditions and resources, and manage conditions and resources in the active environment
  • Monitor and analyze the execution of SMART Folders
  • Use Workspaces to organize job definitions
  • Create basic job definitions
  • Define basic job scheduling criteria
  • Understand how to use and define cyclic jobs
  • Check in Workspaces and job definitions
  • Create and use job calendars
  • Define job folder parameters
  • Create and manage job templates
  • Define cyclic jobs

  • Basic Knowledge of Control-M

Control-M Schedulers & Batch Operators




  • Control-M Workload Automation concepts and terminology
  • Job processing and tracking

Overview of Control-M Workload Automation Interface

  • Accessing Control-M Workload Automation
  • Control-M Workload Automation overview
  • Working with Control-M Workload Automation

Monitoring Environment

  • Exploring Viewpoints
  • Opening Viewpoints
  • Using filters
  • Accessing job details
  • Finding jobs in a Viewpoint

Performing Job Actions

  • Controlling job execution
  • Analyzing job flow
  • Ordering jobs
  • Accessing alerts information

Understanding and Using Conditions & Resources

  • Understanding conditions
  • Monitoring jobs in SMART Folders
  • Working with quantitative resources
  • Working with control resources

Planning The Environment

  • Creating jobs for your environment
  • Specifying job properties
  • Scheduling jobs
  • Defining job dependencies
  • Using cyclic jobs
  • Checking in Workspaces

Managing Control-Mworkload Automation Elements

  • Creating and using calendars
  • Managing job folders
  • Managing job templates

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