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BMC Control-M - Fundamentals Scheduling

( Duration: 5 Days )

The BMC Control-M - Fundamentals Scheduling training course provides IT professionals with the concepts and hands-on experience of using distributed Control-M products to monitor and manage their production environments, including the creation of job definitions. This course explores features and functionality found in the Control-M interface, a monitoring and management tool for the enterprise batch scheduling environment. You will learn to manage job processing across all platforms supported by Control-M/Servers and Control-M/Agents, including the creation, scheduling, and deployment of job processing definitions using the Planning domain.

By attending BMC Control-M - Fundamentals Scheduling workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Examine Control-M terminology, architecture, key components, and their relationships
  • Use the Control-M interface for the creation and scheduling of job definitions in a Control-Menvironment
  • Examine the scheduling options available for job definitions, including the use of calendars
  • Describe and use all types of Control-M variables, including job-specific user-defined variables,global variables, and system variables
  • Examine the configuration and use of notifications and on-do actions
  • Examine the use of control and quantitative resources in job definitions
  • Manage job workload using the Workload Policy Manager
    • Creation and use of SMART Folders
    • Creation and use of job templates
  • Use the Control-M/Forecast to verify job schedules and observe simulated job flow
  • Use the Control-M Batch Impact Manager to proactively detect and address problems in the execution of a series of jobs

  • Basic Knowledge of Control-M

Operators & Schedulers



Control-M Solution Overview

  • Control-M Solution Overview
  • Introduction to Control-M Concepts
  • Introduction to Control-M Security

Introduction to Control-M

  • Control-M Overview
  • Navigating Control-M
  • Viewing and Acting on Alerts

Basics of Job Creation

  • Creating Folders and Jobs
  • Defining In and Out Conditions for Jobs

Basics of Job Scheduling

  • Introduction to Job Scheduling
  • Introduction to Using Calendars

Advanced Scheduling

  • Using Periodic Calendars
  • Using Rule-Based Calendars
  • Advanced Scheduling

Managing Notifications and On-Do Actions

  • Notifications Overview
  • Using On-Do Actions

Using Resources

  • Introduction to Resources
  • Introduction to Control Resources
  • Introduction to Quantitative Resources
  • Introduction to Workload Policies

Additional Control-M Features

  • Introduction to Cyclic Jobs
  • Introduction to Find and Update
  • Managing Workspaces, Folders, and Jobs

Understanding Global Conditions

  • Introduction to Global Conditions
  • Using Global Conditions

Understanding and Using SMART Folders

  • Introduction to SMART Folders
  • SMART Folder Properties
  • Creating SMART Folders
  • Creating Sub-Folders in SMART Folders

Working with Variables

  • Introduction to Variables
  • Using Variables in Job Definitions
  • Introduction to Global Variables
  • Use of a Named Pool for Variables
  • Job Output and Variables
  • Introduction to Include Variables
  • Control-M Utilities to Manage Variables

Managing Job Templates and Mass Job Creation

  • Job Templates Overview
  • Using Template Functions
  • Mass Job Creation

Creating Reports

  • Introduction to the Control-M Reports
  • Report Management

Managing Viewpoints

  • Introduction to Viewpoints
  • Creating Viewpoints
  • Creating Customizable Filters
  • Accessing Archived Viewpoints

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