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BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring - Essentials

( Duration: 1 Day )

The BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring training course introduces the features and functionality of BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM). You will learn to perform various tasks as an operator or end user. You will also learn administrative features of BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring (BMC Real EUEM). Interactive simulations demonstrate how to perform important system configuration tasks. Properly configuring the system allows companies to integrate BMC Real EUEM with their network and benefit from the detailed monitoring of web applications this product provides. Other administering and managing topics will ensure optimal use of the system to maintain a positive web application user experience.

By attending BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Review BMC Real EUEM architecture
  • Explain planning and scaling of system infrastructure
  • Define administrative user roles
  • Explain system security
  • Configure system components: Real User Collector and analyzer, BMC APM Console
  • Working with watchpoints: Using Filters and Watchpoint Creation
  • Describe administration and management settings
  • Explain problem detection
  • Describe BMC EUEM
  • Describe BMC EUEM deployment architecture
  • Identify BMC EUEM user roles and permissions
  • Access the BMC EUEM components
  • Navigate the BMC EUEM interface
  • Use social collaboration
  • Monitor Performance Dashboards and Dashlets
  • Build a Dashboard
  • Work with Dashboards and Dashlets
  • Detect incidents
  • Navigate the Performance Analytics Engine
  • Work with On-Screen reports
  • Work with Mail-Out reports

  • None

Administrators, Users & Operators



BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Overview

  • Architecture Review
  • Planning
  • Security

Initial System Configuration

  • Managing SSL Keys
  • Configuring the Real User Collector
  • Configuring the Real User Analyzer
  • Configuring the BMC APM Console

Defining Watchpoints

  • Watchpoint Overview
  • Watchpoint Types
  • Working with Filters
  • Creating Watchpoints

Administering and Managing

  • Working with Administrative Settings
  • Managing Access to the System
  • Configuring System Alerts
  • Thresholds and Problem Detection

Introduction to BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring (EUM)

  • Overview
  • End User Experience Monitoring Deployment Architecture

Navigating EUEM

  • Accessing BMC Application Performance Management Console
  • Navigating the End User Experience Monitoring Components
  • Overview of Social Collaboration

Dashboards and Dashlets

  • Performance Dashboards and Dashlets
  • Working with Dashboards and Dashlets

Watchpoints, Incidents, and Performance Analytics Engine

  • Watchpoints
  • Detecting Incidents
  • Performance Analytics Engine

Reporting Performance and Availability

  • Working with Onscreen Reports
  • Working with Mail-out Reports

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