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BMC Helix Platform - Developer

( Duration: 5 Days )

The BMC Helix Platform - Developer training course focuses on explaining the multiple consoles that help you to achieve specific goals for codeless application development. It provides information about understanding what an application is, the difference between applications and libraries, application attributes, how to start with application development, and the recommended process to develop codeless applications. Learning how you can use BMC Helix Platform to develop an application without having to know or learn a programming language. This course will provide insights on creation of Records, Views, Processes, Rules, Associations, and Named lists and how they can bebundle it together. It also provides an example on how to use Document and Web API. You will gain hands-on experience in designing and developing a complete codeless application and, further deploying the same. Also, details about access levels and permissions are explained.

By attending BMC Helix Platform - Developer workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe key concepts of BMC CMDB
  • Discover BMC CMDB Dashboard and various search features
  • Use BMC CMDB UI to search, modify, and create CIs.
  • Explain how the CMDB supports key IT Service functions, such as Asset, Incident, and Change Management.
  • Explain the BMC CMDB Data Flow
  • Explore the Class Manager and its various features
  • Explain the difference in user permissions for BMC CMDB Data consumers
  • Describe various data importing methods in BMC CMDB
  • Describe Normalization and Product Catalog features of BMC CMDB
  • Describe various Reconciliation methods in BMC CMDB
  • Describe the federation and achieving concepts
  • Configuring Atrium CMDB Server Settings
  • Simulate the impact of changes with the BMC Impact Simulator

  • Basic Knowledge of BMC Helix Platform

BMC Helix Platform Developers & BMC Helix Platform Administrators



Introduction to BMC Helix Platform

  • BMC Helix definition and overview
  • BMC Helix offerings
  • Various roles in BMC Helix Platform
  • Digital Service Applications: Overview, Architecture, and Definitions
  • Codeless and Code-based applications

Introduction to BMC Helix Innovation Studio

  • Access BMC Helix Innovation Studio
  • BMC Innovation Studio overview
  • User Interface elements
  • Designer tabs
  • Codeless applications overview
  • Steps for creating codeless application bundle

Defining Records, Named Lists, and Associations

  • Concepts related to record and record fields
  • Approval process configuration
  • Record designer
  • Steps to create and update a record definition
  • Inherit existing record definition
  • Record associations and Named Lists

Defining Views

  • View designer
  • Steps to create a view
  • Copy and modify views
  • Various View Designer components
  • Container, Record Grid, Record Editor, Action Button, Button Bar, and Tab Panel

Designing Processes and Adding Rules

  • Process designer
  • Steps to create a process
  • Add various capabilities to process
  • Rule Designer
  • Steps to create a rule
  • Different triggers for a rule

Designing, Customizing, and Deploying Application Views

  • BMC Modern Shell
  • Shell Navigation components
  • Actions performed from Modern Shell
  • Various environment set ups
  • Deployment packages: Workflow and steps

Managing User Access and Permissions

  • Application Role, Functional Role and association to Primary Organization
  • Shell Navigation components
  • Actions performed from Modern Shell
  • Assign permissions to record and record fields.
  • Assign permissions to view, process, and Modern Shell elements.
  • Define and use Security Label.

Document and Web API

  • Define a Document schema
  • Introduce Web API Definition Designer
  • Configure Authentication for WEB APIs
  • Configure Web Requests in a Business Process
  • Map the REST API Web Service Request Alias

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