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BMC Helix ITSM - Change Management

( Duration: 1 Day )

The BMC Helix ITSM - Change Management training course introduces to Change Management concepts, features and functionality. You will learn to perform various tasks from the perspectives of a Release Coordinator, Change Coordinator, Change Manager and Specialist.

By attending BMC Helix ITSM - Change Management workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe the Change Management process flow/lifecycle and the Change Request lifecycle
  • Discuss the roles, responsibilities, permissions, and terminology used in Change Management
  • Describe how to access the IT Home page and identify its features and functionality
  • Describe and identify the functional areas of the Change Console and the Change form
  • Understand the Release Administrator and Customer Representative roles in the Change Management process flow/lifecycle
  • Examine the responsibilities and permissions for the following roles in the Change Management and Change Request lifecycle:
    • Change Coordinator
    • Change Manager
    • Release Coordinator
    • Specialist
  • Explain how to create, assign, review, and close change requests
  • Explain how to approve or reject a change request as an IT staff member and as a non-IT staff member
  • Describe the Release Management process
  • Explain how to create a release and a manifest
  • Explain how to implement and close tasks
  • Discuss various supplemental features such as KPI and ROI functionality, updating user profile, and creating reminders and broadcasts
  • Explain how to create, assign, review, and close change requests

  • Basic Knowledge of BMC Helix ITSM

Change Managers, Change Coordinators & Release Coordinators



BMC Change Management: Concepts

  • Discuss the purpose, goals, and objectives of BMC Change Management
  • Discuss various terms and concepts used in BMC Change Management
  • List various roles related to BMC Change Management
  • Describe various procedures involved in the Change Management Process Flow
  • Discuss the Change Request Lifecycle

BMC Change Management: For Change Coordinators

  • List the responsibilities of the Change Coordinator role
  • List the permissions for Change Coordinators
  • Explain the Change Management process flow
  • Highlight the procedures undertaken by a Change Coordinator

BMC Change Management: For Change Managers

  • Identify the responsibilities of Change Manager
  • Identify the role of Change Manager in the Change Request lifecycle
  • List the permissions for the Change Manager role

BMC Change Management: For Release Coordinators

  • Define Release Management
  • Explain the various Release Management terms
  • Define risk mitigation by Release Management
  • Describe the ITIL Release cycle
  • Explain the Release Management Process flow
  • Explore the Release Management lifecycle stages
  • Describe the Release Process Flow Status area
  • Explain a Release Lifecycle Automation with a use case

BMC Change Management: For Specialists

  • Identify the responsibilities of Specialist
  • Explain the role of Specialist in the Change Request lifecycle
  • List the permissions for the Specialist role

BMC Change Management: Supplemental Features

  • Discuss KPI and ROI flashboards
  • Describe how to view and update personal profile
  • Explain how to set notification preferences
  • Explain how to specify Change Management application preferences
  • Explain how to view and create broadcast messages
  • Describe how to create reminders

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