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BMC Discovery - Application Modeling

( Duration: 5 Days )

The BMC Discovery - Application Modeling training course enables users to extend and maintain a BMC Discovery deployment beyond the initial baseline. It also enables users to model the complex custom software using the Start Anywhere Application Mapping (SAAM), Collaborative Application Mapping (CAM), and The Pattern Language (TPL) features. This course also covers creating custom patterns used in CMDB Synchronization.

By attending BMC Discovery - Application Modeling workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe the data model and operating principles
  • Review important functions in The Pattern Language (TPL)
  • Describe Start Anywhere Application Mapping (SAAM)
  • Describe the Collaborative Application Mapping (CAM) process
  • Adapt pattern templates to discover custom software
  • Use the manual pattern execution to test the patterns
  • Explain the Pattern Language (TPL) concepts
  • Extract data using XPath and Regular Expressions
  • Write efficient regular expressions for triggers
  • Model Software Instances and Business Application Instances
  • Identify techniques available to discover the versions of Software Instances and Business Application Instances
  • Build a complete and versioned application model with relationships
  • Explain Definition Blocks
  • Adapt pattern templates used in CMDB Synchronization
  • Describe best practices to use TPL

  • Knowledge of BMC Discovery - Administration




BMC Discovery Mapping Concepts

  • Basics of Datastore
  • Nodes
  • Patterns
  • Query Language

Start Anywhere Application Mapping (SAAM)

  • Concepts of Start Anywhere Application Modeling
  • Publishing an Application Model
  • Using the Visualization Tools
  • Model Rules

Edit Pattern Templates

  • Download Pattern Templates
  • Edit a Simple Software Instance (SI) Pattern Template
  • Testing a Simple SI Module
  • Working with the SI Version Package Template

Collaborative Application Mapping (CAM)

  • Introduction to Application Mapping
  • Collaborative Application Mapping
  • Creating a Prototype
  • Functional Components
  • Mapping the Application

Application Mapping Using The Pattern Language (TPL)

  • Overview of Application Mapping
  • Basics of The Pattern Language (TPL)
  • Metadata
  • Triggers
  • The Pattern Body
  • Regular Expressions
  • Functions
  • Metadata and XPath
  • Relationships and Pattern Sections
  • Business Application Instances

Definition Blocks

  • Introduction to the Definitions Block
  • User Defined Functions
  • SQL Integration
  • SQL Discovery

CMDB Sync Patterns

  • CMDB Synchronization
  • Viewing Data in the CMDB

Best Practices for Developing Solutions

  • Developing Patterns
  • Writing Regular Expressions
  • Preparing for Modeling
  • Collaborative Application Modeling
  • Extending Directly Discovered Data
  • Constructing SIs and BAI CMDB

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