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Autodesk 3ds Max Scene Lighting Using Mental Ray

( Duration: 2 Days )

The Autodesk 3ds Max - Scene Lighting Using Mental Ray training course provides an introduction to Mental Ray for 3ds Max and touches upon lighting and camera effects at the intermediate level. Complex lighting scenes are also covered and attendees at the end of the training would be able to create stunning digital artistry.

By attending Autodesk 3ds Max - Scene Lighting Using Mental Ray workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Work on setting up mental ray
  • Understand environments and lighting
  • Gain knowledge in Photometric lighting
  • Work on global illumination
  • Understand and apply daylight system
  • Create an interior environment scene from scratch

  • The Autodesk 3ds Max - Scene Lighting Using Mental Ray class is ideal for 3ds Max user.



Setting Up Mental Ray

  • Setting Up Mental Ray

Mental Ray Basics

  • Render Frame Window
  • Render Options
  • Sampling Quality
  • Rendering Algorithm
  • Camera Effects
  • Shadows and Displacements
  • Indirect Basics

Environments and Lighting

  • Envirnoment Effects
  • Adding Lights to An Envirnoment
  • Intensity, Color Attenuation
  • Spotlight Parameters
  • Advanced Effects
  • Shadow Parameters
  • Shadow Types
  • Atmosphere Effects
  • Indirect Illumination

Photometric Lighting

  • General Parameter
  • Intensity Color Attenuation
  • Sharp Area and Shadows
  • Mental Ray Lights

Global Illumination

  • GI Properties
  • GI Settings
  • Improving Render Speed

Lighting with Global Illumination

  • Lighting Set Up
  • Creating Lights
  • Adjusting Lighting Parameter
  • Exposure Control
  • Softening Shadows
  • Plants

Unwrapping Our Scene

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