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Autodesk InfraWorks - Engineering Design

( Duration: 3 Days )

The Autodesk InfraWorks - Engineering Design training course provides with a fundamental knowledge of the accelerated design process that uses data-rich 3D models with high-end visualizations. This enables you to create, evaluate, and better communicate 3D site plan proposals for faster approvals.

By attending Autodesk InfraWorks - Engineering Design workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Roadway Design:
    • Create property boundaries for parcels, easements, and right-of-ways
    • Create and modify design roads with precise parameters
    • Add components and decorations to roads
    • Adjust roadside grading
    • Apply and review superelevations in component roads
    • Modify how design roads intersect using a standard intersection or roundabout
    • Optimize the vertical design of a roadway
    • Create gradient maps based on selected feature sets to identify areas with low impact for site or corridor optimization
    • Find an optimal horizontal design of the roadway which yields a cost effective and environmentally- friendly solution
    • Run traffic simulation to analyze and animate design traffic
  • Bridge Design:
    • Add bridges to a design roadway
    • Work with bridge deck and girder cross sections
    • Perform analysis and design checks on all the pre-stressed girders of your bridge
  • Drainage Design:
    • Run a watershed analysis
    • Create or modify culverts
    • Create a pavement drainage network
    • Analyze the pavement drainage network
  • Point Cloud Modeling:
    • Preparing the point cloud
    • Create a terrain from a point cloud
    • Create features from a point cloud

  • This course is intended for Project Engineers / Designers

  • A fundamental understanding of how to navigate the Autodesk InfraWorks software. This includes how to create new models and add/modify features to those models.



Creating Component Roads

  • Parcels, Right of Ways, and Easements
  • Creating Component Roads
  • Modifying Horizontal Layouts
  • Modifying Vertical Layouts
  • Component Road Superelevation
  • Working With Intersections
  • Roundabouts

Analyzing Component Roads

  • Traffic Simulation
  • Calculating Quantities
  • Corridor Optimization
  • Balance Cut and Fill Along the Roadway
  • Sight Distance Analysis

Introduction to Bridge Design

  • Bridge Components
  • Modify Bridges
  • Bridge Line Girder Analysis
  • Detail Design for Bridges

Introduction to Drainage Design

  • Watershed Analysis
  • Create and Modify Culverts
  • Pavement Drainage

Point Cloud Modeling

  • Point Cloud Preparation
  • Extract a Point Cloud Terrain
  • Extract Point Cloud Features

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