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Autodesk InfraWorks for Civil Engineering

( Duration: 2 Days )

This Autodesk InfraWorks for Civil Engineering training course is aimed at Civil Engineers who wish to take advantage of its ability to create preliminary designs and sketches that illustrate initial proposals to others involved in the project. During the course you will learn to create proposals, sketch out new and existing information, create advanced design roads with junctions, roundabouts, bridges and drainage, analyse and optimise designs, and show your designs in a more realistic environment.

  • Sound understanding of civil engineering terminology.



The InfraWorks Interface

  • Product overview
  • The InfraWorks user Interface
  • Basic 3D viewing tools
  • 3D navigation tools
  • Working with the InfraWorks model

Building a Model

  • Using the Model Builder
  • Connecting to data
  • Creating existing conditions from GIS
  • Configuring and displaying Data Sources

Sketching Features

  • Create a Proposal
  • Sketching roads
  • Creating and using road styles
  • Creating buildings and applying facades
  • Importing from Revit
  • Importing Sketchup and FBX models
  • Creating underground utilities
  • Adding coverages and areas
  • Vegetation and water features

Managing your Model

  • Surface Layers
  • Selecting Data
  • Managing Styles
  • Creating multiple Proposals

Road design

  • Creating and editing Design Roads
  • Using the profile view
  • Creating Junctions and Roundabouts
  • Creating Component Roads
  • Road Analysis options

Bridge Design

  • Creating Bridges
  • Configuring and editing the bridge
  • Structural analysis
  • Revit interoperability

Visual Communication

  • Visualising the model at time of day and year
  • Creating Storyboards
  • Creating videos from Storyboards
  • Sharing and Viewing the model outside of InfraWorks

Drainage Design

  • Creating drainage networks
  • Automatic networks for road models
  • Editing drainage networks
  • Analysis options
  • Creating culverts and analysing terrain

Transferring data

  • Exporting the Model to Civil 3D for detailed design
  • Importing Civil 3D designs back into InfraWorks
  • Exporting InfraWorks Model to 3DS Max

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