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AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture - Essentials training course focuses on the design development, construction documentation, and visualization features of the AutoCAD Architecture software (the basic tools that the majority of attendees require when working).

AutoCAD Architecture - Advanced training course is intended primarily for architects and other advanced users who need the ability to design massing studies or space studies, or to customize settings in the AutoCAD Architecture environment.

In AutoCAD Architecture - Essentials workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Creating basic floor plans with walls, doors, and windows
  • Creating specialty objects, such as column or ceiling grids, stairs & railings
  • Adding roofs and floor slabs
  • Introduction to Projects and the Project Navigator
  • Adding furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Creating details
  • Displaying elevations, sections, and perspectives
  • Marks, tags & schedules, and other documentation
  • Drawing cameras, adding lights, and basic rendering

In AutoCAD Architecture - Advanced workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Understanding the Style Manager
  • Using advanced wall and section/elevation tools
  • Managing drawings with projects and applying project standards
  • Creating massing studies with mass elements and mass groups
  • Using spaces and areas to develop a building design
  • Defining multi-view blocks and creating custom content
  • Creating styles for AEC objects including walls, doors, windows, and curtain walls as well as annotation object styles
  • Customizing layer properties and the display system

For AutoCAD Architecture - Essentials

  • Solid background in the AutoCAD software because AutoCAD tools and concepts are essential for working with the AutoCAD Architecture software. In particular, you should be familiar with the basic 3D viewing tools (preset views, 3D Orbit, and Visual Styles), layouts, Paper Space/ Model Space issues, and external references (XREFS). A working knowledge of the Ribbon interface is helpful but not essential, as pertinent tools are covered in the training.

For AutoCAD Architecture - Advanced

  • You should attend the AutoCAD Architecture - Essentials workshop, or have equivalent experience with the software, before taking this class. You also need a solid background in AutoCAD, since AutoCAD tools and concepts will be essential for working with AutoCAD Architecture. In particular, you should be familiar with basic 3D viewing tools (preset viewpoints, 3D Orbit, and shading options), layouts, and xrefs (used in AutoCAD Architecture projects).

course AGENDA

AutoCAD Architecture - Essentials
(Duration : 3 Days)


Introduction to AutoCAD Architecture

  • Understanding the AutoCAD Architecture Software
  • User Interface
  • Viewing in 3D

Basic Wall Construction

  • Adding Walls
  • Modifying Walls
  • Creating Curtain Walls

Creating Wall Openings

  • Adding Wall Openings
  • Accessing Styles with Style Manager
  • Modifying Wall Openings

Structural Design

  • Creating Custom Column Grids
  • Modifying Custom Column Grids
  • Annotating Custom Column Grids
  • Working with Structural Members
  • Working with Standard Column Grids (Optional)

Reflected Ceiling Plans

  • Creating Ceiling Grids
  • Modifying Ceiling Grids
  • Inserting Ceiling Fixtures

Vertical Circulation

  • Adding Stairs
  • Modifying Stairs
  • Adding Railings
  • Modifying Railings


  • Creating Floor Sl
  • Modifying Floor Slabs
  • Editing Slabs Using Slab Tools


  • Creating Roofs
  • Modifying Roofs
  • Working with Roof Slabs
  • Modifying Roof Slabs

Fixtures, Furnishings, and Equipment

  • Furnishing the Building Design
  • Adding Blocks to the Tool Palettes

Introduction to Drawing Management

  • Project Concepts
  • Using the Project Navigator

Building Model Views

  • Boundary and Detail Callouts
  • Elevations and Building Sections
  • Modifying Callout Objects
  • Using Live Sections


  • Drawing Scale for Annotation
  • Adding Text and Leaders
  • Dimensioning in the AutoCAD Architecture Software
  • Other Annotation Tools


  • Adding Door and Window Tags
  • Editing Tag Data
  • Adding Schedules
  • Editing Schedules

Creating Details

  • Creating Details from Tool Palettes
  • Using the Detail Component Manager
  • Annotating Details with Keynotes


  • Working with Cameras
  • Managing Camera Views
  • Specifying Light Sources
  • Rendering Concepts

AutoCAD Architecture - Advanced
(Duration : 3 Days)


Working with the Style Manager

  • Using the Style Manager
  • General Style Properties
  • Working With Materials
  • Classifications
  • Display Properties

Wall Tools

  • Introduction to Modifying Walls with Wall Tools
  • Wall Cleanup Tools
  • Modifying Endcaps
  • Wall Modification Tools
  • Creating Wall Modifiers
  • Changing Wall Modifiers
  • Complex Wall Shapes

Advanced Sections and Elevations

  • Horizontal and Vertical Sections
  • Subdivisions
  • Adding and Modifying Linework
  • Modifying Material Boundaries

Introduction to Drawing Management

  • Drawing Management Concepts
  • Creating a New Project

Setting up Projects

  • Setting Up Divisions, Levels and Categories
  • Constructs
  • Elements
  • Views
  • Sheets

Massing Studies

  • Creating Mass Elements Using Predefined Shapes
  • Creating Complex Mass Elements
  • Modifying Mass Elements
  • Mass Element Styles
  • Adding Mass Elements to Groups
  • Converting Mass Elements to Walls

Space Planning

  • Space Planning
  • Modifying Spaces
  • Grouping Spaces into Zones
  • Evaluating Space Information

Architectural Object Styles

  • Creating Wall Styles
  • Creating Door Styles
  • Creating Window Styles
  • Creating Space Styles

Creating Annotation Styles

  • Creating Schedule Table Styles
  • Creating AEC Dimension Styles
  • Creating Display Theme Styles

Modifying Curtain Walls

  • Parts of a Curtain Wall
  • Modifying Curtain Walls

Curtain Wall Styles

  • Creating Simple Curtain Wall Styles
  • Linework in Curtain Wall Styles
  • Advanced Options for Curtain Walls
  • Creating Door/Window Assembly Styles

Creating Custom Content

  • Customizing Tool Palettes
  • Using the Content Browser
  • Creating Multi-View Blocks
  • Creating Custom Content

Project Standards

  • Project Standards Overview
  • Creating Project Standards
  • Checking Project Standards

Customizing Layer Properties

  • Selecting a Layer Standard
  • Using Layer Key Overrides
  • Remapping to Layer Keys
  • Creating a Layer Standard

Customizing the Display System

  • Display Control Basics
  • Setting Up New Display Controls

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