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iPhone / iPad Programming

( Duration: 7 Days )

In iPhone / iPad Programming training course, you will learn to create applications for the popular Apple iPhone/iPad. This course first reviews the Objective C programming language and then discusses the important primary skills used by iPhone programmers. By the end of this course, you will be able to create full iPhone/iPad applications that make use of the iPhone OS including the built in camera, geolocation and the accelerometer.

By attending iPhone / iPad Programming workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Be familiar with Objective-C.
  • Understand Model-View-Controller architecture.
  • Be familiar with Xcode, Instruments and Interface Builder.
  • Be familiar with Cocoa Touch Library.
  • Understand multi touch programming.
  • Be familiar with the various pieces if iOS.
  • Create sample iPhone and iPad apps that do animation and respond to various acceleration events.
  • Interface apps with the Google maps server.
  • Interfaces apps with a SQLlite Database.
  • Interface apps with the Game Center.
  • Interface apps with iAd server.
  • Create apps that support both Portrait and Landscape modes.
  • Create a User Control.
  • Be familiar with UITableView class.

  • Basic programming knowledge in either Java, Object Oriented, C++ or VB .Net

The iPhone / iPad Programming class is ideal for:

  • Individuals who are new to iPhone/iPad development with some basic knowledge and want to sharpen their skills. It is recommended that individuals have some programming background.


Day 1

  • Variables
  • Messaging
  • Classes and Objects
  • The Class Object
  • Frameworks
  • Common Foundation Classes
  • Control Structures
  • Categories, Extensions and Security
  • Properties

Day 2

  • Protocols
  • Reference Counting
  • Garbage Collection
  • Blocks
  • Getting Started with Objective C
  • Inheritance
  • Understanding Objective C Composition
  • Working with Xcode
  • Managing Memory

Day 3

  • Objects and Properties
  • Working with AppKit
  • Key-Value Coding
  • NS Predicate
  • Cocoa Touch overview
  • Setting up iPhone Applications with Xcode

Day 4

  • Handling Basic User Interaction
  • Autorotation and Resizing
  • Tab bars and Pickers
  • Table Views
  • Navigation Controllers
  • Keyboard Input

Day 5

  • Application Settings and User Defaults
  • Data Persistence
  • Taps Touches and Other Gestures
  • Geolocation
  • The Accelerometer

Day 6

  • iPhone Camera and Photo Library
  • Application Localization
  • Networking
  • Web Services
  • Animation

Day 7

  • Working with Audio and Video
  • Accessing the Address Book
  • 2D Graphics with OpenGL ES 2.0
  • 3D Graphics with OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Profiling and Debugging Applications
  • iPad Development Summary

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