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iOS for Enterprise

( Duration: 5 Days )

In iOS for Enterprise training course, you will learn both the high-level architectural strategies, techniques and best practices for facilitating such functionality, as well as the actual API’s for implementing the processes within. Topics covered include consuming RESTful Web Services using both XML and JSON, writing and maintaining on-device data bases with both SQLite and Core Data, accessing and working with the File Management System using P-Lists and plain-text files, and localizing apps using Core Location and Map Kit.

Coupled with these topics will be a thorough examination of the corresponding visual component crucial to any app: that of coherently displaying all this data in an elegant, easy to navigate (and consume) manner. To that end, an in-depth look at Table Views, Collection Views, Picker Views and other controllers will be taken, coupled with an exploration of the more popular Application Templates including the Master-Detail Application and the Tab-Bar App.

By attending iOS for Enterprise training course, you will learn to create a full data-driven application that is able to connect to a remote Server, download and upload information to it, and persist this data on the device.

  • A working knowledge of programming, web-services and databases is preferred but not mandatory
  • A working knowledge of Object Oriented Programming using Objective-C is recommended, but not mandatory
  • A working knowledge of the Mac OS is recommended

This iOS for Enterprise class is designed for software developers with hands on experience building applications in any environment.



App Creation Basics

  • Exploring Xcode’s workspace
  • Working with Interface Builder and the Objects Library
  • Understanding View Hierarchy
  • Creating a “Hello World” App
  • Creating a “Log-In” App
  • Creating a Custom Icon for your App
  • Creating a Custom Splash/Launch screen for your App

Working with Outlets, Actions, and Views

  • Understanding the difference between Outlets and Actions
  • Working with TextFields, Switches, Buttons, Sliders, Labels, and more
  • Creating Views Purely from Code
  • Mixing Methodologies

Understanding Storyboards, View-Controllers, and Application Templates

  • The Single View template
  • Exploring the App Delegate Files
  • Creating and Adding new View Controllers
  • Understanding the View Life-Cycle
  • Transitioning between Multiple View Controllers with Animations
  • Using the Tab-Bar Application Template
  • Using the Master-Detail Application Template

Using TableViews

  • Understanding the UITableView and UITableViewCell Classes
  • The UITableView DataSource and Delegate
  • TableView/TableViewCell Properties: Header, Footer, Height, Fonts, Images, AccessoryTypes and more
  • The Master-Detail Template
  • Drill-Down Menus and Navigation to other Views
  • Data-Persistence using Property-Lists
  • Creating Multi-Section Tables

Data Persistence - Storing Files on your Device

  • Overview of an iOS App’s File Structure
  • Reading and Writing Files to the Device
  • Creating and Modifying Property Lists
  • Bundling Files and Resources with Apps

Working with Databases

  • Importing the sqlite3 Library
  • Creating an SQLite Database, writing Tables, Inserting Records into Tables
  • Reading and Displaying Database Data in Apps
  • Bundling a Database with your App
  • Checking for Existence of Databases on Devices


  • Consuming an XML Web-Service in an iPhone App
  • Parsing XML
  • Consuming a JSON Web Service
  • Parsing JSON

Collection Views

  • Displaying data in Collection Views
  • Creating custom Collection View Cells
  • Custom Transitions in Collection Views

Picker Views

  • Displaying data in Picker Views
  • Creating Multiple Components in Picker Views
  • Customizing Components
  • Using the Date Picker

Working with Maps & Location Services

  • Using the MapKit and UIMapView
  • Getting & Displaying User Location
  • Getting Directional Information
  • Displaying Map Annotations
  • Displaying Disclosure Buttons on Annotations
  • Performing Reverse GeoCoding

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