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FileMaker Pro

The FileMaker Pro - Essentials training course teaches the key techniques in FileMaker needed to build databases, including table structure, layout design, comprehensive search techniques and ways to control the consistency and appearance of data. The course also introduces the fundamentals of relational database design, so that information can be shared across layouts, and the basics of simple automation using buttons.

The FileMaker Pro - Advanced training course covers some of the less obvious features of FileMaker and emphases the creative use of relationships to build user-friendly interfaces and the efficient capture, display and output of data. The course draws on many tried and tested procedures used by FileMaker developers to create database systems that are both easy to use and that possess rich functionality when required.

By attending FileMaker Pro - Essentials workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Explore the various elements of the FileMaker Pro environment
  • Set up a database
  • Modify a database
  • Format layouts in a database
  • create columnar reports
  • Finalize a database

By attending FileMaker Pro - Advanced workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Create relationships between databases and view relationship graphs in a database
  • Create buttons using the Button Setup feature to execute simple and complex tasks, and the Manage Scripts window to work with scripts
  • Share and exchange data over the network based on a predefined privilege set and a customized privilege set
  • Enhance the database layout using the various layout options available in FileMaker Pro
  • Publish a database on the web using the Instant Web Publishing option
  • Back up and protect data by adhering to the listed security guidelines

For FileMaker Pro - Essentials

  • Some experience using office productivity applications, such as a word processor or spreadsheet program, but may have little or no experience using a robust database

For FileMaker Pro - Advanced

  • Attend a training on FileMaker Pro - essentials or possess equivalent knowledge
  • Basic word processing skills, such as copying and pasting text, formatting type, etc

  • Business Users


FileMaker Pro - Essentials
(Duration : 2 Days)


Getting started

  • Definitions: databases, tables, records & fields; field types
  • The FileMaker Quick Start screen
  • Creating a database (1) From scratch; (2) From an Excel spreadsheet
  • Modes and Views
  • Creating, modifying and editing records
  • Sorting records and Finding records using different search criteria

Creating and modifying layouts

  • What are layouts?
  • Creating new layouts
  • Form, List and Report layouts
  • Applying and reapplying Layout Themes
  • Using the Field picker to add fields to a layout
  • Using the target device stencils
  • Placing date and page number codes
  • Using Tab controls
  • Applying field, border, text, number and Conditional formatting
  • Using Popovers and Slide Controls

Simple Button actions

  • The principles of database automation with buttons and scripts
  • Creating simple buttons
  • Attaching button icons

Comprehensive searching techniques

  • Include and Omission searches
  • Using multiple search criteria
  • Using multiple requests
  • Using Saved Finds
  • Using QuickFind

Controlling entry of data into fields

  • Using Value Lists and Calendar Popups
  • Auto-entry of data and calculated values; validation of values
  • Formatting the data in fields
  • Using In-Field labels

Calculation fields

  • Calculation types including Number, Date and Text calculations
  • Using arithmetic and formulae
  • Introduction to some popular functions including Text, Number and Logical functions

Updating record sets

  • Using the Replace Field Contents command
  • Updating with a fixed value
  • Updating Serial Numbers
  • Updating according to a calculated formula

Summary fields and summarised reports

  • Understanding Summary fields
  • Creating a Summarised Report
  • The Sub-summary Part
  • The Sort field for Sub Summaries

Merge Fields and "Mail Merge" style options

  • What is a merge field?
  • Placing merge fields on the layout
  • Designing a mail-merge letter layout

Creating simple charts

  • Using the charting tool
  • Creating simple pie, bar, horizontal bar, line and area charts
  • Adding chart and axis titles
  • Formatting the chart

Introduction to Relational Databases

  • Defining relationships between tables and understanding the concept of key fields
  • Understanding one-to-many and other forms of table joins
  • Using Portals
  • Using Lookups
FileMaker Pro - Advanced
(Duration : 2 Days)


Going further with FileMaker Relationships

  • The creative use of relationships
  • Using non-equijoin relationships
  • Multi-parameter relationships
  • Self relationships
  • Using relationships to create conditional value lists
  • Achieving better information presentation through filtered portals
  • Controlling portals using relationships with global fields
  • Enhanced control using multi- parameter global field relationships

Looping and batch processing

  • The Replace command versus Looping techniques
  • Setting initial conditions; using fields with global storage; starting and ending a loop
  • Worked examples: (1) Updating a salary field; (2) Creating multiple user accounts at one time

Using Script Triggers

  • The principle and benefits of script triggers
  • Comparing the various trigger conditions for a script trigger (OnObject, OnRecord conditions, OnLayout conditions etc)
  • Simple demonstration example
  • More sophisticated examples including a "Type Ahead" portal search

The Data Separation Model

  • Understanding the concept
  • Benefits of data separation
  • Practical demonstration

Using the Execute SQL function

  • Understanding the concept
  • Structuring the query
  • Basic SQL commands used in FileMaker
  • Query tutorials

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