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Create iPhone & iPad Apps Using FileMaker Pro & FileMaker Go

( Duration: 2 Days )

The Create iPhone & iPad Apps using FileMaker Pro & FileMaker Go training course is aimed at those wanting to learn how to use FileMaker Pro to create database applications optimised for the iOS operating system and deployed using FileMaker Go, the free and powerful mobile technology from FileMaker Inc. It includes sessions on how to deploy database apps to the iPhone or iPad, essential techniques for optimising databases for use on FileMaker Go and synchronisation techniques to manage data when you need to update a hosted file with an intermittent data connection between the deployed file and the remote one. The course will prove useful both to experienced FileMaker developers wanting to deploy to mobile iOS devices, and those wanting an easy-to-use tool (FileMaker Pro) to build a powerful and sophisticated mobile app for use on iPhones and iPad.

  • FileMaker Pro skills to an intermediate level.



Introduction to FileMaker Go

  • Purpose, Introduction and Overview
  • Transferring files to your iOS device (iPhone or iPad)
  • The Go Home Screen
  • The Go Application Settings
  • Using the File Browser; opening a local file; opening a Hosted File; deleting a local file
  • The Go application settings

Operational differences

  • Modes supported and not supported in Go/iOS
  • Menu Commands missing, in different locations or differently presented
  • iOS gestures - tapping to zoom and pinching to zoom
  • Avoiding the opening of multiple windows
  • Sorting differences
  • Other differences

Working with Data

  • iOS input styles – using the virtual keyboard
  • Typing inside a text field
  • How numbers are presented
  • How dates are entered
  • How images and other file types are inserted into Container fields
  • iOS specific benefits for container fields e.g. entering signatures and using the built in camera
  • Exporting options under iOS for container fields
  • Importing and exporting data and the differences from FileMaker Pro
  • Moving from field to field without a Tab key

Security and Background Behaviour

  • Security modules supported
  • Coping with interruptions – what happens in your Go app when the user presses the iPad or iPhone Home button
  • Script suspension
  • Restoring the previous state
  • Losing connectivity
  • Re-authentication options and the fmreauthenticate Extended Privilege

Designing Layouts for Mobile Use

  • Introduction and basics
  • Using the screen stencils
  • Using the Touch themes specifically designed for Go
  • Optimisation techniques – removing unnecessary fields e.g. fields for Quick Find, unnecessary calculation fields
  • Screen dimensions for iPad and iPhone
  • Suitable buttons sizes
  • Using FileMaker functions to determine the orientation of the iOS device
  • How to use the Autosize feature in Layout mode
  • Some differences in the display of value lists

Calculations and Scripting for FileMaker Go

  • Helpful Calculation Functions when designing Go solutions
  • Scripting with Go in mind – unsupported script steps you need to avoid
  • Detecting the Go platform through a script
  • Directing Go users to Go-appropriate layouts
  • The Allow User Abort script step in Go
  • Error Trapping For Unsupported Script Steps; Command is Unknown error; Command is Unavailable error
  • Useful features available in Go – dialling phone numbers and sending SMS text messages

Advanced Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Handing off complex routines
  • Transactional Scripting – how to cope with interruptions
  • Dealing cleanly with record creation and editing- committing all or zero related records rather than only some
  • Passing data between FileMaker Go and other iOS applications

Introduction to Data Synchronisation

  • Overview of the issues
  • Developing a sync strategy; using a connector file to link the deployed file in Go and the hosted file
  • What to do in the deployed FileMaker Go file
  • What to do in the connector file
  • What to do in the hosted file
  • Exchanging data
  • Processing changes
  • Coping with interrupted connectivity
  • Identifying records for synching
  • Opening and closing hosted files

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