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Apache Geronimo Application Server

( Duration: 5 Days )

This Apache Geronimo Application Server training course provides skills to develop and deploy Java EE applications on Geronimo. The course covers Geronimo internals in detail, which helps you write custom services on Geronimo.



Quick start - Apache Geronimo for the impatient

  • Getting the software
  • Starting the server
  • Creating and deploying a sample application

What changed in 3.0

  • New features and enhancements
  • Component versions
  • Compatibility with earlier versions

Installing and running

  • Installing prerequisite softwares
  • Initial configuration
    • Changing the default port numbers
    • Changing the username and password
    • Substituting one module with another
    • Configuring the OSGi environment
  • Starting and stopping the server
  • Running Geronimo
    • Running Geronimo as a non-root user
    • Running multiple Geronimo instances
    • Running Geronimo as a service

Configuring and administering

  • Introducing Geronimo Administration Console
  • Deploying and administering assets in Geronimo
    • Managing OSGi Bundles
    • Deploying and administering applications
    • Deploying and undeploying applications
    • Starting and stopping applications
    • Deploying and administering plugins
    • Plugin and plugins group
    • Administering plugins
    • Converting applications into plugins using the Administration Console
  • Configuring and administering the Apache Geronimo Server
    • Configuring the Web Container
    • Adding new listeners
    • Managing Valve
    • Configuring session manager of Tomcat
    • Configuring virtual host
    • Configuring Virtual Host in Tomcat
    • Configuring Virtual Host in Jetty
    • Configuring JAX-WS engine
    • Configuring a remote Apache HTTP server
    • Configuring the JMS server
    • Configuring EJB Containers
    • Clustering and farming
    • Farming using Deployment
    • Plugin based Farming
    • WADI clustering
    • Tomcat Native Clustering
    • Customizing server assemblies

Configuring services

  • Configuring multiple repositories
  • Adding JARs to the Geronimo repository
  • Configuring datasources
  • Configuring JMS resources
  • Administering Security
    • Basic Hints on Security Configuration
    • Configuring JavaEE App Client Security
    • Configuring login modules
    • Replacing default Realm in Geronimo
    • Configuring run-as and Default Subjects, and principal-role mapping
    • Administering certificates
    • Administering users and groups
    • Certification Authority
    • Creating your keystore file for SSL authentication
    • Administering security realms
    • Certificate Properties File Realm
    • Database (SQL) Realm
    • LDAP Realm
    • OpenID
  • Configuring the Transaction Manager Identity
  • Creating an embedded database in Geronimo
  • Monitoring the health of the Apache Geronimo server
    • Configuring log level
    • Server uptime and resource utilization
    • Monitoring components on Geronimo Server
    • Configuring your own Monitoring Plugin DataSource
    • Displaying JVM information
    • Monitoring thread pools
  • Extensible Administration Console
    • What is an Extensible Administration Console
    • Planning and installing the Extensible Administration Console
    • Planning and installing the Extensible Administration Console
    • Installing an Administration Console Extension in .car format from a repository
    • Examples
    • Customizing the Extensible Administration Console
    • The Extensible Administration Console architecture

Creating deployment plans

  • Understanding deployment plans
    • geronimo-web.xml
    • geronimo-ra.xml
    • geronimo-application.xml
    • geronimo-application-client.xml
    • openejb-jar.xml
  • Creating deployment plans for applications
    • Annotations
    • Creating deployment plans for Web applications
    • Creating deployment plans for EJB applications
    • Creating deployment plans for enterprise applications
    • Creating deployment plans for Java EE application clients
    • Creating deployment plans for Java Persistence API
    • Configuring resources in the application scope
    • Naming (JNDI)
  • Creating deployment plans using the deployment plan wizard


  • General considerations for migrating applications from other application servers
  • Migrating from JBoss to Geronimo
    • Using the J2G migration tool
    • EJB-BMP migration
    • EJB-session beans migration
    • Hibernate migration
    • JDBC migration
    • Servlets and JSPs migration
  • Building J2G from source
  • Migrating from Tomcat to Geronimo
  • Migrating from G 2.x to G 3.x

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