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Apache Subversion

( Duration: 1 Day )

Apache Subversion is an open-source centralized version control system. It was created by CollabNet in 2000 as a more modern replacement for the Concurrent Version System (“cvs”), and moved to the Apache Software Foundation in 2009. Subversion has experienced rapid growth in user base since its inception, and is now commonly used in both corporate and open-source environments.

By attending Apache Subversion workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Download and install Subversion
  • Execute a basic file modification workflow
    • Create a working copy of files
    • Make changes
    • Commit changes to the repository
  • Execute a branching workflow
    • Create a branch
    • Create a working copy of a branch
    • Make changes
    • Commit changes to the repository
    • Merge changes back to the trunk
  • Deal with conflicts
  • Examine history
  • Commit changes to files
  • Create and work with branches
  • Configure a remotely-accessible repository
  • Use repository hooks
  • Install Subversion handling into Eclipse

  • Familiarity with text editors and use of the command line.

Apache Subversion training course is targeted to people who will use Maven to build projects, those who will typically work on projects that have already been created (i.e. existing project checked out from an SCM system), or create new projects based on a Maven archetype or those who may be expected to add dependencies to an existing project, or configure the build process by editing the project’s POM.



Introducing Version Control and Apache Subversion

  • What is Version Control
  • History of Version Control (and Subversion)
  • What files go into Version Control?
  • Centralized vs Distributed Version Control
  • Key features of Subversion
  • A short note on the Apache Software Foundation

Installing and Running Subversion

  • Subversion distributions and Platforms
  • Subversion inside IDE’s
  • Eclipse
  • Netbeans
  • Running Subversion with a local repository
  • Remote Repositories
  • Command line settings (“.subversion”)
  • Working Copies
  • Getting Help
  • Resources

A Basic Work Flow

  • Create a Working Copy
  • Make changes
  • Commit Changes
  • Tag for Release
  • Export


  • What are branches and why?
  • Types of branches
  • Creating a branch
  • Working on a branch
  • Changing between branches

Branching Workflow

  • Create a branch
  • Make Changes
  • Commit changes
  • Check history
  • Finding the differences
  • Prepare a patch file
  • Merge the branch
  • Resolve conflicts

Remote Repositories

  • Types of remote access
  • Initializing a repository
  • Backups and Mirrors

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