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Apache ServiceMix

( Duration: 3 Days )

The Apache ServiceMix training course provides developers and administrators the skills and knowledge required to effectively adopt and manage Apache in a production environment. This course begins with an introduction to ServiceMix, including an examination of core messaging and service bus concepts. It then transitions into a hands-on look at the administration, configuration, and integration with other products, such as ActiveMQ.

By attending Apache ServiceMix workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Install Apache ServiceMix
  • Configure Apache ServiceMix
  • Integrate Apache ServiceMix with other related products

This Apache ServiceMix class is ideal for System Administrators and Developers using Apache ServiceMix as an ESB.



Introduction to Service Mix

  • What is ServiceMix?
  • What does ServiceMix provide?
  • Where can I use ServiceMix?

Understanding Core Concepts

  • Messaging
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Event Driven Architecture

Apache ServiceMix Fundamentals

  • ServiceMix features
  • ServiceMix Architecture
  • Service engines and binding components
  • Services and endpoints
  • Examination of common examples

Installation, Administration, and Configuration

  • Downloading the software
  • System Requirements
  • Installation on a Windows Machine
  • Installation on a Unix machine
  • Basic administration: start, stop, test, troubleshooting

Java Business Integra

  • What is JBI?
  • Understanding the JBI architecture and component layout
  • Building your own JBI component
  • WSDL messaging model
  • Normalized Message Router
  • JBI packaging

Configuring ServiceMix

  • Understanding the installation directory
  • Working with the configuration files
  • Examination of key configuration concepts
  • Configuring ServiceMix to work with a container
  • Geronimo
  • Tomcat
  • JBoss

Deployment models

  • What is deployment and how does it work?
  • Standard JBI packaging
  • Static configuration


  • JMX
  • Ant
  • Maven

Working with Standard Apache ServiceMix Components

  • Component Matrix - a comprehensive, detailed list of components and their properties
  • General concepts
  • Spring
  • XBean
  • Classpath
  • Properties
  • ServiceMix-http
  • ServiceMix-jms
  • ServiceMix-jsr181? threading model, pooling, transactions…
  • ServiceMix-wsn2005
  • ServiceMix-ei
  • Lightweight components


  • Introduction to Messaging with ActiveMQ
  • Interaction between ServiceMix and ActiveMQ
  • Configuration of ActiveMQ

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