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Apache Lucene

The Apache Lucene training course provides the in-depth, hands-on training required to setup, configure, tune, and utilize Apache Lucene in high-performing text-search heavy applications. This course begins with an overview of Lucene, it’s related projects, and a walk through of some more common usage scenarios. They will also learn about data indexing, and searching concepts.

Apache Lucene course then dives into an in-depth examination of how to utilize Lucene, looking at things like the IndexSearcher, QueryParser, analyzers, and advanced search techniques. This course concludes with a discussion of commonly used extensions, such as SpellChecker, and basic performance tuning.

The Apache Lucene Migration training course teaches experienced Lucene developers the skills and knowledge needed to leverage newer advanced Lucene features and plot their migration path to the latest version. This course begins with a survey of current uses of Apache Lucene and how it is used to scale in conjunction with other open source projects. Next scaling, transactions, resiliency of Lucene indexes and performance tuning are discussed.

In Apache Lucene workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe what Lucene is and a common usage scenario
  • Identify the key components of Lucene
  • Setup a basic search solution using Lucene
  • Leverage common extension to make Lucene more powerful

In Apache Lucene Migration workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Understand how various projects divide search responsibilities
  • Understand the feature differences between the various major Lucene versions
  • Select a Lucene version to adopt or upgrade to and support that decision
  • Describe various Lucene scaling strategies
  • Understand Lucene transactions and their implications
  • Describe ways to achieve resiliency
  • Define the three fundamental dimensions of Lucene performance
  • Identify and detail the performance needs of your applications
  • Tune Lucene to achieve different performance results across performance dimensions

Java developers looking at utilizing Lucene for text-searching within an application.


Apache Lucene - Essentials
(Duration : 2 Days)


Introduction to Lucene


Setting up a Hello World scenario


Understanding Indexing


Building a Search Index


Making search work better


Extending search capabilities


Common Lucene extensions


Administering and tuning Lucene

Apache Lucene Migration
(Duration : 2 Days)


State of Search - Solr, ElasticSearch, and Lucene


Lucene Evolution and Expansion


Scaling in a Big Data World


Index Transactions


Index Resiliency


Defining Performance


Performance Testing

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