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Apache Flex

( Duration: 4 Days )

The Apache Flex training course provides you with hands-on, practical experience using Flex. You will be introduced to all the primary features of Flex that is needed to know to build a fully functional, well architected front end for a Rich Internet Application (RIA).

By attending Apache Flex workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Work with the Flex components
  • Use MXML for layout and generated code
  • Work with controls and navigation
  • Manage applications, state, and data
  • Integrate components and ActionScript
  • Use XML and Web Services

  • Working knowledge of an object-oriented programming language such as Java or C++
  • Familiarity with XML terminology

Application developers looking to bring the power of Rich Internet Applications to their web applications.




  • Flex Development Technologies
  • Flex Application Deployment
  • Exploring the Flash Builder Interface
  • Creating a Flex Project
  • Creating a Main Application File and Running It

Apache Flex Fundamentals

  • Apache Flex Namespaces
  • Flex Components
  • Layout and Styling with Flash Builder
  • Compiling and Running an Application
  • Creating an Application and Configuring its Controls in Design Mode
  • Creating Custom Components
  • Skinning
  • Creating and Skinning Custom Components
  • Accessing and Using Structured Data within a Custom Component
  • Data Binding
  • Accessing and Using Data in a Custom Component
  • Updating Visual Controls using Dynamic Data
  • Updating Visual Controls with Dynamically Assigned Data

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • OOP Terminology
  • MXML Classes
  • Creating a Class Property
  • Writing a Class Definition in ActionScript
  • Creating an ActionScript Class
  • Creating Instances of an ActionScript Class
  • Creating Class Methods

Components and Layouts

  • Visual Components
  • Spark Layout Classes
  • Using Layout Classes in an Application Container
  • Spark Container Classes
  • Using Different Containers with Layouts
  • Using Constraints to Control Component Layout
  • Implementing a Constraint-Based Layout
  • Adding Scrollbars to Containers

Handling Events

  • Events
  • Implementing Event Handlers
  • Using Inline ActionScript for Event Handling
  • Creating ActionScript Event Handler Functions
  • Using a Function for an Event Handler
  • Event Object
  • Event Bubbling
  • Adding Event Listeners with ActionScript
  • Using the addEventListener() Method

Validating and Formatting Data

  • Using the Form Container
  • Using Formatters
  • Formatting Currency
  • Triggering Validation with Events
  • Validating Numeric Input
  • Triggering Validation with ActionScript

Controlling Navigation

  • MX Navigator Containers
  • Using the ViewStack Container
  • Using a Spark Container Inside MX Navigator Containers
  • Navigating Using the ViewStack and TabBar Control
  • Creating Custom Navigation for the ViewStack Container
  • Using the TabNavigator Container
  • Using the Accordion Container

Controlling Application State

  • View States
  • Creating Multiple States
  • Controlling View States

Animating Components and States

  • Applying Effects to Components
  • Creating Composite Effects
  • Creating Parallel and Sequential Effects
  • Applying Transitions to Application State Changes
  • Adding and Removing Components During Animations
  • Animating between States

Controlling Visual Display with Styling

  • Creating Global Application Styles
  • Styles and Skins for components
  • Creating Selector Styles and Skins
  • Advanced CSS Selectors
  • Using Advanced CSS Selectors

Skinning Spark Components

  • Skinning
  • Creating and Applying Skins
  • Incorporating Visual Elements Drawn in Other Programs
  • Using a Shape Drawn in Adobe Illustrator
  • Creating a Vertical Header for the Spark Pane Container

Implementing Advanced Skinning Techniques

  • Implementing Different Visual States for a Skin
  • Creating Animated States in a Button Control Skin
  • Adding Scrollbars to Skins
  • Making a Component Scrollable Using a Skin

Accessing Remote Data

  • Using HTTPService to Load Remote Data
  • Creating an HTTPService Request and Using The lastResult Property
  • Using Result and Fault Handlers
  • Making HTTP Requests with Parameters
  • Using Wizards

Creating a Typed Data Model

  • Need for a Typed Data Model
  • Creating an ActionScript Class for Typed Data
  • Creating a Value Object Class
  • Populating an ArrayCollection with Value Objects
  • Data Bindings with Value Objects
  • Implementing Data Bindings
  • Refactoring Value Objects

Extending Events

  • Problems with Bindings
  • Event Type
  • Handling the Event in the Main Application
  • Creating and Dispatching an Event
  • Extending the Event Class
  • Extending the Event Class to Dispatch the Event Object with Data
  • Dispatching a Value Object with the Extended Event

Rendering Content with the DataGroup Container

  • Displaying String Data in an Item Renderer
  • Using DefaultItemRenderer
  • Passing UI Components in the Data Provider
  • Using the DefaultComplexItemRenderer
  • Creating a Custom Item Renderer
  • Creating a Custom Item Renderer with Data
  • Using the SkinnableDataContainer
  • Applying a Skin to the SkinnableDataContainer

Displaying Data Using the DataGrid

  • Using the DataGrid Control
  • Specifying DataGrid Control Columns
  • Formatting DataGrid Control Columns
  • Using Item Renderers and Item Editors
  • Using a Drop-In Item Editor
  • Inline Item Renderers and Item Editors
  • Using an Inline Item Editor
  • Item Renderer and Item Editor Components
  • Using a Component Item Renderer
  • Using Events and Selected Items with a DataGrid Component
  • Using a Change Event on the DataGrid Control

Deploying Flex and AIR Applications

  • Compiling the Flex Applicatio
  • Creating a Flex Application Production Build
  • Creating a Desktop Application

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