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Apache CXF

( Duration: 2 Days )

The Apache CXF is an Open Source service development framework that makes it easy to create, set up, deploy, and use Web services across multiple transports, protocols, and data formats. With system integrations becoming increasingly diverse and complex, this framework provides a means for developers to launch and maintain new Web services in an SOA environment.

The Apache CXF training course is designed to provide you with proficiency in building both SOAP and REST style Web services with CXF through hands-on lab experience. It covers the basic architecture, design approaches, and implementation mechanics required to establish integrated web services.

By attending Apache CXF workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Match the CXF architectural elements with a description of their function
  • Match specific web service technologies with their associated purpose within the CXF framework
  • Create a Web service using either of two development methods
  • Develop a SOAP-based Web service using either of two front ends
  • Implement a CXF provider or a dispatch messaging service
  • Implement a solution using either the Document or RPC SOAP communication style and specify when you would use the WS-Addressing or Callback integration pattern
  • Apply different data binding alternatives
  • Apply and integrate XSD and XML to specifying service contracts and structure schemas
  • Deploy CXF clients and providers to JVM, Tomcat, and EJB containers
  • Apply basic CXF interceptors or a custom interceptor to CXF endpoints
  • Implement both CXF client and CXF server components for both REST and SOAP
  • Create a service implementation from a WSDL file
  • Invoke a web service using either a Java client or JavaScript
  • Configure transport-level security

  • Java proficiency, basic Maven skills, intermediate Spring skills
  • A basic understanding of distributed systems concepts (SOA, web services) and the related standards (SOAP, XML, WSDL, JMS)

This Apache CXF class is for architects and developers who need to understand on how to use Apache CXF Framework to build integration solutions using services-oriented integration approach based on WS-* standards.




  • Overview of core web services technologies (XML, WSDL, SOAP and UDDI)
  • Understand the Apache CXF development model and environment
  • Know how to use the CXF development tools
  • Know how to use Maven and Eclipse with CXF
  • Create a client/server using CXF and WSDL-first methodology
  • Create a client/server using CXF and code-first methodology
  • Understand CXF configuration
  • Deploy CXF using Spring and/or Tomcat


  • Transmit user/pass information using HTTP-basic authentication, and use the credentials API on the server-side
  • Use CXF with HTTPS
  • Use the service invocation context to acquire incoming message properties
  • Modifying WSDL contracts to use XML payload/JMS transports
  • Implementing RESTful services using CXF
  • Using MTOM (SOAP with attachments)
  • Support for Javascript and E4X

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