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Apache Ambari

( Duration: 3 Days )

In Apache Ambari training course, you will gain the skills needed to manage Hadoop Clusters. Topics like how to automate and integrate the Hadoop cluster by using Ambari’s core components, how to provision, manage, monitor, integrate, and automate the Hadoop ecosystem and more. In this course, you learn and practice how to add and remove hosts or services, start or stop services with the click of a button or an API call. Also, learn how to use the web interface to manage everything running in a Hadoop cluster.

By attending Apache Ambari workshop, delegates will:

  • Learn from business use cases to manage Hadoop clusters.
  • Installing and Configuring Ambari, Hadoop clusters, and services
  • Learn how to manage services, hosts, stacks, versions, alerts on Ambari effectively
  • Learn how to troubleshoot Ambari associated Hadoop cluster
  • How to implement security features, optimize Ambari for performance
  • Handle dashboard for monitoring the health and status of the Hadoop cluster.
  • Learn how to monitor dependencies and performances by visualizing and analyzing jobs and tasks.

  • Familiar with the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Knowledge of Hadoop system administration.
This Apache Ambari class is ideal for:
  • Hadoop Administrators
  • Database Professionals
  • Mainframe and Hadoop Testing Professionals
  • DevOps Professionals
  • Team working on Ambari administration



Introduction to Apache Ambari

  • What is Ambari?
  • Types of managing tools
  • Prerequisites and Working of managing tools (Ambari)

Ambari Installation

  • Setting up Ambari and related tools
  • Tasks in Ambari
  • Installation of Hadoop
  • Installation of different components of Hadoop
  • Hadoop service management

Configuring Ambari

  • Understanding of Ambari UI
  • Administering Ambari
  • Creating a cluster
  • Managing users, groups and views
  • Understanding the concept of Ambari Server :
  • Sending operations to clients to start/stop service
  • Change service configuration
  • Using Ambari Agent
  • One per machine in cluster
  • Administering the Hadoop cluster setup

Management with Ambari

  • Accessing Ambari Web
  • Service management, Hosts management's
  • Stacks and versions management
  • Alerts and monitoring management
  • Managing Hadoop clusters with Ambari
  • Understanding Ambari Install Wizard
  • Working with Ambari Web App
  • Supporting Hadoop stacks
  • Adding new components to current stack
  • Host control management
  • Preconfigured metrics and alerts for monitoring Hadoop cluster

Security & Advanced Topics

  • TroubleShooting through Ambari
  • Reviewing logs and general Issues
  • Configuration of Security, Kerberos setup
  • Implementation of Ldap
  • Implement Security on Databases and Passwords
  • Performance optimization and Memory optimization
  • Configuring to work with Hadoop and YARN

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