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OpenCV & Image Processing

( Duration: 5 Days )

OpenCV is an open-source toolkit for advanced computer vision. It is one of the most popular tools for facial recognition, used in a wide variety of security, marketing, and photography applications, and it powers a lot of cutting-edge tech, including augmented reality and robotics.

This OpenCV & Image Processing training course introduces OpenCV for Python. It will show how to leverage the image-processing power of OpenCV to identify and recognize features.

By attending OpenCV & Image Processing workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Installing and configuring OpenCV
  • Data types and structures
  • Image types
  • Manipulating pixels
  • Scaling and rotating images
  • Using video inputs
  • Creating custom interfaces
  • Thresholding
  • Object detection
  • Face and feature detection
  • Template matching

  • Basic Python
  • Computer Vision Engineers
  • Optical Engineers
  • Machine Learning Developers



Introduction to OpenCV

  • What Is Computer Vision?
  • Getting Started
  • Sample Programs(Picture, Video, Transformation)
  • Input from Camera
  • OpenCV primitives Data Types
  • Matrix and Image Operators

Image Processing

  • Smoothing
  • Image Morphology
  • Resize
  • Image Pyramids

Image Transforms

  • Convolution
  • Gradients & Sobel Derivatives
  • Laplace
  • Canny
  • Kalman
  • Hough Transforms
  • Projective Transform
  • Remap
  • Affine Transform
  • Prespective Transform
  • CartToPolar and PolarToCart
  • LogPolar
  • Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
  • Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT)
  • Integral Images
  • Distance Transform
  • Histogram Equalization

Image Parts and Segmentation

  • Parts and Segments.
  • Image Pyramids
  • Image Repair by Inpainting

Tracking and Motion

  • Basics of Tracking
  • Corner Finding with hands on coding
  • Object Detection with hands on coding.
  • Face Detection with hands on coding


  • GPU Architecture
  • GPU Basics
  • CUDA Programming
  • CUDA & OpenCV Integration

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