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NLP with Python

( Duration: 5 Days )

In NLP with Python training course, you will learn Natural Language Processing (NLP) basics, such as how to identify and separate words, how to extract topics in a text, and how to build your own fake news classifier. You will also learn to use basic libraries such as NLTK, alongside libraries which utilize deep learning to solve common NLP problems. This course will give you the foundation to process and parse text as you move forward in your Python learning.

By attending NLP with Python workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Foundations of NLP
  • Python NLP ecosystem
  • Word frequencies & Zipf's Law
  • Topic Modelling
  • Text Classification
  • Overview of Advanced Applications

  • Python programming and a good understanding of Machine Learning concepts.



Introduction to Text Mining and NLP

  • Overview of Text Mining
  • Need of Text Mining
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Text Mining
  • Applications of Text Mining
  • OS Module
  • Reading, Writing to text and word files
  • Setting the NLTK Environment
  • Accessing the NLTK Corpora

Extracting, Cleaning and Pre-processing Text

  • Tokenization
  • Frequency Distribution
  • Different Types of Tokenizers
  • Bigrams, Trigrams & Ngrams
  • Stemming
  • Lemmatization
  • Stopwords
  • POS Tagging

Analyzing Sentence Structure

  • Syntax Trees
  • Chunking
  • Chinking
  • Context Free Grammars (CFG)
  • Automating Text Paraphrasing

Text Classification - I

  • Machine Learning: Brush Up
  • Bag of Words
  • Count Vectorizer
  • Term Frequency (TF)
  • Inverse Document Frequency (IDF)

Text Classification - II

  • Converting text to features and labels
  • Multinomial Naiive Bayes Classifier
  • Leveraging Confusion Matrix

Maven Site Reporting

  • Using plugins to add additional reports
  • Creating content
  • Building a multimodule site
  • Selecting individual reports
  • Creating custom templates and skins

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