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Machine Learning With TensorFlow

( Duration: 5 Days )

The Machine Learning With TensorFlow training course will approach common commercial machine learning problems using Google's TensorFlow library. It will cover unique features of the library such as Data Flow Graphs, training, visualization of performance with TensorBoard - all within an example-rich context using problems from multiple industries. The focus will be towards introducing new concepts through problems which are coded and solved over the course of each section.

By attending Machine Learning With TensorFlow workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Obtain, configure & deploy TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform
  • Machine Learning (ML) Basics
  • Graphs and Sessions
  • TensorFlow text classification
  • Exploring & pre-processing your data
  • Building your first model
  • Data Normalisation & Regression
  • Over- and under-fitting

This Machine Learning With TensorFlow class is for Analysts, Data Scientists, and Software Developers



Introduction to TensorFlow

  • What is TensorFlow?
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Overview of Plane Vectors
  • Multidimensional Data Arrays
  • Setting up TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform

Machine Learning (ML) Basics

  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Neural Networks
  • Configuring & deploying TensorFlow on GCP

Graphs and Sessions

  • Parralel processing & distributed execution
  • Dataflow graphs
  • Creating a TensorFlow session

Loading, exploring & pre-processing your data

  • The API
  • Dataset structure
  • Dataset objects
  • Iterator objects
  • Consuming Values, Numpy Arrays and TGRecord data

TensorFlow text classification

  • Parallel processing & distributed execution
  • Dataflow graphs
  • Creating a TensorFlow session

Data Normalisation & Regression

  • Feature Scaling
  • Linear regression

Building your first Neural Network model

  • Setting up your layers
  • Compiling your model
  • Training your model
  • Evalutating accuracy
  • Making predictions

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