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Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform

( Duration: 3 Days )

Machine learning can make your applications faster and more intelligent. You can analyze customer data such as voice and text input, images, and video, and take action without human intervention. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a competitive set of machine learning services for nearly every type of architecture, including serverless computing, containers, and virtual machines. In Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform training course, you will learn to develop ML apps using GCP Machine Learning API Services

By attending Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Hosting options: Serverless, containers, and virtual machines
  • Enabling the GCP ML AIs
  • Preparing data with Cloud Dataflow and Dataprep
  • Modeling predictions for images, video, text to speech, and cloud translation
  • Machine learning with AutoML
  • Advanced machine learning and deep learning
  • Machine learning architectures

  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Web Developers



Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform

  • Business scenarios for machine learning
  • Which algorithm should you use?
  • GCP AI servers vs. platforms
  • Enable GCP ML APIs
  • Data preparation with Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Dataprep
  • Setup Colaboratory
  • Set up Cloud Datalab
  • se Cloud Datalab

Machine Learning API Services

  • Overview of GCP ML APIs
  • Predict via the Cloud Vision API for images
  • Predict via the Cloud Video Intelligence API for video
  • Predict via the Natural Language API for NLP
  • Predict via the Text-to-Speech API
  • Predict via the Speech-to-Text API
  • Predict via the Cloud Translation API
  • Predict via BigQuery ML

Machine Learning with AutoML

  • Understand Cloud AutoML services
  • Understand AutoML Vision
  • Prepare data and labels for AutoML Vision
  • Train model for AutoML Vision
  • Evaluate model with AutoML Vision
  • Predict using a trained AutoML Vision model

Advanced Machine Learning

  • Why build custom ML models?
  • Using containers to host ML models
  • Use Cloud ML Engine
  • Evaluate Cloud ML Engine output
  • Scale custom ML models
  • Understanding deep learning
  • Work with TensorBoard
  • Work with Keras for TensorFlow
  • GPUs and TPUs for TensorFlow
  • TensorFlow for JavaScript and mobile

Machine Learning Architectures

  • Chatbot with ML
  • Image search with Cloud Vision and Cloud ML
  • GCP serverless machine learning architecture
  • GCP machine learning with structured data
  • GCP ML service for IoT apps

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