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Google Cloud AutoML

( Duration: 1 Day )

This Google Cloud AutoML training course provides skills to use Google’s Cloud AutoML products to train custom models for Natural Language (to classify documents), Translation (to interpret queries) and Vision (to label images) with minimal effort.

By attending Google Cloud AutoML workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Understand ideas behind AutoML like transfer learning and learning2learn
  • About Google’s Cloud AutoML products (Vision, Natural Language, Translation)
  • Walk through the usage of each product with an example application and dataset
  • Do deep dives into key aspects like data preparation & model evaluation
  • About how AutoML differs from Cloud ML, TensorFlow & Firebase ML Kit options

  • Basic familiarity with Machine Learning terminology
  • Some understanding of Google Cloud Platform (or similar) services
  • Development machine with browser (preferable Chrome) and CLI (terminal)



Introduction to AutoML

  • What is the vision behind AutoML?
  • High level overview of Learning2Learn, Transfer Learning
  • Where does AutoML fit into Google’s Machine Learning ecosystem?
  • What is Cloud AutoML?

AutoML Vision

  • Challenge: Labeling Images accurately
  • Your Options: Vision API vs. AutoML Vision
  • AutoML Vision Training (walkthrough)
  • Recap: Data Preparation
  • Recap: Model Evaluation
  • Recap: Model Testing

AutoML Natural Language

  • Challenge: Detect Entities & Sentiment in Conversation
  • Your Options: NL API vs. AutoML Natural Language
  • AutoML Natural Language Training (walkthrough)
  • Recap: Data Preparation
  • Recap: Model Evaluation
  • Recap: Model Testing

AutoML Translation

  • Challenge: Translate query language
  • Pick your option: Translation API vs. AutoML Translate
  • AutoML Translate Training (walkthrough)
  • Recap: Data Preparation
  • Recap: Model Evaluation
  • Recap: Model Testing

Putting It All Together

  • The Google ML Ecosystem: Cloud ML, Auto ML, TensorFlow, Firebase ML Kit
  • What We Saw: Auto ML Vision, NL, Translation
  • Where is it useful: Application Examples
  • What are the challenges: Preparation & Evaluation
  • Where next: Resources & Recommendations

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