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GeoSpatial Data Analysis with Python

( Duration: 3 Days )

GeoSpatial analyses the gathering, display, and manipulation of imagery, GPS, satellite photography and historical data. It is important to many fields such as logistics, transportation, drone flight etc. This GeoSpatial Data Analysis with Python training course will cover different Python packages for GeoSpatial Data Analysis such as GeoPandas, Pydata, Shapely. It will cover munging geo-data and exploring relations over space. This includes importing data in different formats (e.g. shapefile, GeoJSON), visualizing, combining and tidying them up for analysis, exploring spatial relationships,

By attending GeoSpatial Data Analysis with Python workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Python geospatial packages
  • Visualizing geospatial data
  • Spatial relationships and operations
  • Spatial joins and overlays

  • Basic Python
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Transport Engineers
  • GeoSpatial Engineers




  • Overview of GeoSpatial Data
  • Installing Python Spatial Packages - GeoPandas, PySal
  • Importing GeoSpatial Data
  • GeoDataFrame
  • Co-ordinate Reference System

Spatial Operations

  • Spatial Relationship
  • Spatial Operations
  • Spatial Joins

Visualising GeoSpatial Data

  • Data Visualization Using GeoPandas
  • Data Visualization Using GeoPlot
  • Data Visualiaton Using Cartopy

GeoSpatial Data Analysis

  • Space-Time Analysis
  • Spatial Clustering
  • Spatial Regression

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