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Data Analysis and Visualization with R

( Duration: 3 Days )

R is reliable and useful for research data analysis for many years. R is widely used for research and industry because it provides various statistical tools for analysis. Tidyverse is a R package that bundles several preprocessed packages that makes data wrangling a lot more easier. Its famous ggplot2 package is most famous for data visualizations and provides aesthetic visualizations that cater to all the data operations.

The Data Analysis and Visualization with R training course will teach data wrangling using R with tidyverse and ggplot2 packages.

By attending Data Analysis and Visualization with R workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Apply R data analysis and visualization tools to analyse research data
  • Prepare and transform data for analysis
  • Summarise data with descriptive statistics
  • Perform quantitative data analysis
  • Perform quantitative data analysis
  • Perform data visualizations to interpret data

  • Researchers
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Analysts



Data Preparation and Transformation

  • Overview of Research Data Analysis
  • Install R Data Analysis Packages - Tidyverse and ggplot2
  • Import and Export Dataset
  • Filter and Slice Data
  • Clean Data
  • Join Data
  • Transform Data
  • Aggregate Data
  • Pipe Data

Data Summary

  • Categorical vs Continuous Data
  • Quantitative vs Qualitative Data
  • Descriptive Statistics of Data
  • Summarize Data
  • Basic Plots and Tables

Quantitative Data Analysis

  • Quantitative Data Analysis Overview
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Regression Analysis
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Analysis of Variances (ANOVA)

Qualitative Data Analysis

  • Qualitative Data Analysis Overview
  • Install R Packages for Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Word Cloud Analysis
  • Text Analysis

Data Visualization

  • Grammar of Graphics
  • Plots for Quantitative Data
  • Plots for Qualitative Data
  • Customize Visualizations
  • Interpret Findings

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