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Agile Test Automation

( Duration: 2 Days )

The Agile Test Automation training course addresses practical techniques tester-developers must employ to ensure they write high-coverage test code.

By attending Agile Test Automation workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Achieve optimal quality in Agile projects through test automation
  • Code user story and feature tests with ATDD (Acceptance Test-Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) to validate product value
  • Tool your project to cover functional and non-functional testing
  • Leverage test design patterns to achieve high coverage
  • Design test code and data for long-term success




  • Mapping Test Automation needs to Agile
  • Justifying the focus on high automation achievements

Dimensions of automation

  • Addressing Test Pyramids from all angles for high quality
  • Mapping automation effort to the Agile Test Quadrants
  • Leveraging the 4D of TDD strategies

Leading practices

  • Establishing rules of engagement through a manifesto
  • Selecting high ROI tests through an automation index

Business test strategies

  • Mapping test effort to APIs or UI
  • Categorizing business tests in the 4 classes
  • Using design patterns for long term success
  • Implementing test cases with leading execution patterns


  • Formalizing test cases through ATDD cards
  • Specifying test with relevant examples
  • Dealing with business rules through BDD

UI automation

  • Selecting the right CUIT patterns
  • Layering UI Tests for better resilience

Design analysis

  • Zooming on components through design reviews
  • Leveraging OO rules for effective unit test strategies
  • Measuring test coverage as a success indicator


  • Participating to automation through TDD patterns
  • Using advanced mock techniques for better coverage
  • Recognizing leading design patterns for easier test maintenance
  • Avoiding anti-patterns to limit technical debt

NFR driven planning

  • Using NFR dimensions for better planning
  • Breaking down sub dimensions for sharp quality assessments

NF test tools

  • Perfecting tool selection for low cost test design
  • Developing multi-dimension NF Tests with pertinent tools

Foundation of CI

  • Integrating testing with the pipeline process
  • Accelerating code promotion through rapid test feedback

Deployment pipelines

  • Configuring tests to map the anatomy of a deployment pipeline
  • Invoking code analysis automation at the commit stage
  • Automating testing of the deployment stage

Test environments

  • Leveraging virtualization for easier test management
  • Creating codeline - aware environments

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