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Agile Lean SOT (Self Organising Teams)

( Duration: 2 Days )

Self Organising Teams (SOT) is a means of achieving lean in Agile using the Scrum management methodology with decreasing interference from management and lessened burden of process overhead on the software development and test teams.

Benefits of using SOT Practices are:

  • Self organising teams run on basis of core values like teamwork, trust, working agreements and self empowerment & esteem, commitment, thereby increasing the team productivity and the ROI for the product owner.
  • Scrum process which is used by SOT, maximizes communication through daily status meetings, open workspaces, and optimal size teams and simplifies communication amongst teams and product owner.
  • Fully functional SOT gets protected from interference and distractions and supports personal development with opportunities for continuous improvement with more regular and direct feedbacks.
  • Best designs, architecture, and code come from the SOT, thereby helping the team members to grow as individuals who get opportunity to participate in planning, and estimation at low levels as well.

Agile Lean SOT training course is meant for:

  • Software Engineers / Software Testers / Executives
  • Project Lead / Technical and Team Leaders
  • Architects
  • Product Owners




  • Brief Introduction to Agile, Scrum, SOT
  • Roles – PO, Scrum Team, Master

SOT Concepts

  • Team work (Working with New team)
  • Ways of working (working agreement)
  • Self organisation
  • Skills
  • Empowerment and Power
  • Team dynamics-Forming the team
  • Sprint and release Planning, Daily Scrum
  • Tools for Coach/Scrum Master

Team working skills


Decision making and handling conflicts – with Case studies


Trust – Jelling the teams


Ways of working workshop – with Case Studies


Facilitation techniques – with Case Studies


Importance of Human interactions


Working with distributes teams and PO


Insight into estimation and retrospectives

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