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Adobe Reports & Analytics - Data Analysis

( Duration: 1 Day )

The Adobe Reports & Analytics - Data Analysis training course is designed to help busy teams of business users, marketers, analysts, developers and architects use Reports & Analytics to solve business questions. This course will teach you how to navigate the reporting interface, run reports to get the answers you are looking for, and congure reports for effective decision-making. You will learn how to distribute reports, create useful dashboards, and segment data to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

By attending Adobe Reports & Analytics - Data Analysis workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Understand Web Analytics
  • Navigate the Reports & Analytics User Interface
  • Generate and analyze Metric-based Reports and Traffic Sources to the site
  • Understand Campaign reports and their effect on website success
  • Generate & Analyze Visitor Profile reports
  • Generate Site Content reports
  • Learn how to use custom reports to measure visitor retention and growth on the site
  • Understand different graph types in Reports & Analytics
  • Create and customize Calculated Metrics
  • Understand Page, Visit, Visitor and Item-based Segments
  • Use the dashboard in Reports & Analytics
  • Add Custom Reportlets to the dashboard

Anyone using Reports & Analytics to create, customize, analyze and distribute reports to optimize their Web site will benefit from this workshop.



Introduction to Web Analytics

  • Overview of Web Analytics
  • Align Measurement Strategy with Business Requirements

Reports & Analytics Basics

  • What is Reports & Analytics?
  • How Reports & Analytics Collects Data
  • Metrics, Report Suites, Segmentation
  • Menu Navigation

Exploring the Reports & Analytics Interface

  • Adding Notes, Changing Date Range and Segments
  • Dashboard, Bookmark Access, Tool Bar
  • Report Suite Selector and Segment Selector Tools
  • Easy Access to Frequently Used Reports
  • Running Default Reports
  • Report Structure of Reports & Analytics
  • Filters & Configuration
  • Graph Selector

Reports & Analytics Metrics

  • Types of Metrics in Reports & Analytics
  • Metrics in Metric-based and Item-based Reports
  • Current Data
  • Entries, Exits, and Single Access Metrics
  • Bounce Rate and Conversion Events
  • Participation Metrics

Visitor Acquisition

  • Traffic Sources, Search Engine and Keyword Reports
  • Referrers and Referring Domains
  • Tracking Code
  • Custom Traffic and Conversion Reports

Visitor Identification & Segmentation

  • Languages Reports
  • Visitor State and Visitor Zip/Postal Code Reports
  • Custom Traffic (s.props) and Conversion (eVar) Reports

Visitor Activity and Content Consumption

  • Conversion Events (Success Events)
  • Site Content Reports, Pages Reports, Conversion Metrics
  • Site Sections and Servers Reports
  • Heirarchies and Links
  • Mobile Analytics and Reports
  • Path Analysis and Reporting
  • Next and Previous Page Flow Reports
  • Identifying Paths of Interest
  • The Fallout Report (Checkpoints)
  • Video Reports, Metrics, Engagements, Variables, Paths
  • Custom Traffic and Conversion Reports

Visitor Retention and Growth

  • Return Frequency and Visits
  • Sales Cycle Reports
  • Unique Customer and Loyalty Reports
  • Custom Traffic and Conversion Reports

Understanding Reports & Analytics Graphs

  • Graph Types Overview
  • Metric Based Reports Trending One/ Multiple Items
  • Graphs in Line-Item Reports
  • Stacked Graphs, Pie Charts, Scatter Plots, Bubble Graphs

Calculated Metrics

  • Creating a Calcuated Metric
  • Metric Types
  • Allocation
  • Segmented Metrics


  • Segmentation Example - Splitting up the traffic
  • Report and Line Item Levels
  • Unified Segmentation
  • Segmentation Workflows and Reports
  • And, Or, and Then Operators
  • Nested Container Hierarchy
  • Logic Groups
  • Segment Manager

Reports & Analytics Dashboards

  • Arranging Dashboard Pages
  • Reportlets: Metric Gauge, Text, Image, Company Summary, Report Suite Summary, RSS, HTML, External, Usage Summary
  • Scheduling Dashboards for Automatic Delivery

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