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Adobe DreamWeaver

( Duration: 3 Days )

Adobe Dreamweaver web design software provides an intuitive visual interface for making and editing HTML web sites and Mobile Applications. In Adobe Dreamweaver training course, you will gain the knowledge and hands-on practice to build and manage professional web sites.

By attending Adobe Dreamweaver workshop, delegates will learn:

  • HTML basics
  • Create a page design
  • Explore the features and tools of Dreamweaver

  • Practical working knowledge of Mac OS X
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, or Javascript

Anyone new to web design and development looking to use Dreamweaver to build web sites.



Customizing Your Workspace

  • Touring the workspace
  • Switching and splitting views
  • Working with panels
  • Selecting a workspace layout
  • Adjusting toolbars
  • Personalizing preferences
  • Creating custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Using the property inspector

HTML Basics

  • HTML
  • Beginning of HTML
  • Writing Your Own HTML Code
  • Semantic Web Design
  • HTML5 features in Dreamweaver

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Basics

  • CSS
  • HTML vs. CSS formatting
  • CSS box model
  • HTML defaults
  • Formatting text
  • Formatting objects
  • Multiples, classes, and IDs
  • CSS3 and Support

Creating a Page Layout

  • Web design basics
  • Thumbnails and wireframes
  • Modifying an existing CSS layout
  • Adding a background image to the header
  • Inserting new
  • components
  • Modifying the page width and background color
  • Modifying existing content and formatting
  • Inserting an image placeholder
  • Inserting placeholder text
  • Modifying the footer
  • Checking browser compatibility


  • Working with the CSS styles panel
  • Accessing and implementing CSS3 features
  • Creating new CSS rules
  • Creating an interactive menu
  • Modifying hyperlink behavior
  • Creating faux columns
  • Moving rules to an external style sheet
  • Using Media Queries for responsive web design
  • Using fluid grid Layouts


  • Creating a template from an existing layout
  • Inserting editable regions
  • Producing child pages
  • Updating a template
  • Library items
  • Server-side includes

Text, Lists, and Tables

  • Importing text
  • Creating headings
  • Creating lists
  • Creating text indents
  • Creating and styling tables
  • Spell checking web pages
  • Finding and replacing text


  • Web image basics
  • Inserting an image
  • Adjusting image positions with CSS classes
  • Insert panel
  • Adobe bridge
  • Inserting incompatible file types
  • Photoshop smart objects
  • Copying and pasting images from Fireworks and Photoshop
  • Inserting images by drag and drop
  • Optimizing images with the properties inspector


  • Hyperlink Basics
  • Creating internal hyperlinks
  • Creating an image-based link
  • Creating an external link
  • Setting up e-mail links
  • Targeting page elements
  • Inserting spry menus as library items
  • Checking your page

Adding Interactivity and Mobile Applications

  • Dreamweaver behaviors
  • Spry accordion widgets
  • jQuery and jQuery mobile

Web Animation and Video

  • Web compatible animation and video
  • Adding web animation to a page
  • Adding web video to a page


  • Adding a form to a page
  • Inserting text form elements
  • Inserting checkboxes
  • Creating radio buttons
  • Lists
  • Adding a submit button
  • Specifying a form action
  • E-mailing form data
  • Styling forms

Online Data

  • Dynamic content
  • Previewing the completed file
  • Using HTML and XML data
  • Choosing a server model
  • Configuring a local web server
  • Setting up a testing server
  • Building database applications

Building Dynamic Pages with Data

  • Building pages with PHP
  • Creating a master/detail page set
  • Creating a Detail page
  • Collecting data online


  • Code-writing, editing, and validation tools

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