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Adobe Captivate

The Adobe Captivate - Essentials training course, provides the knowledge and hands-on practice needed to develop and build software demonstrations and interactive simulations with Captivate. Learn to create complete presentations using objects such as text captions, hotspots, interactive elements, voice narrations and audio. You will also learn to create simulations using Captivate's built-in screen capturing capabilities for building rich interactive user experiences.

The Adobe Captivate - Advanced training course provides the advanced skills needed to create and publish professional Captivate projects. This course covers advanced topics such as object styling, system and user-defined variables, master slides and tracking results through hosted solutions.

By attending Adobe Captivate - Essentials workshop, delegates will learn to:
  • Create effective eLearning
  • Add, edit, and record audio
  • Recording modes
  • Convert text-to-speech
  • Add, manipulate, and manage images
  • Best publishing format to use for the widest audience
By attending Adobe Captivate - Advanced workshop, delegates will learn to:
  • Record demonstrations and assessments
  • FMRs, Panning, and Image Slideshows
  • Text Captions and the Timeline
  • Images and Drawing Objects
  • Pointers, Buttons, Highlight Boxes, Rollovers, and Zoom Areas
  • Audio, Animation, and Flash Video
  • Convert Demonstrations into Simulations

Adobe Captivate - Essentials
  • Strong working knowledge of Mac or Windows
Adobe Captivate - Advanced
  • Attend a training on Adobe Captivate - Essentials or equivalent practical experience

For Adobe Captivate - Essentials

Instructional designers and technical writers

ForAdobe Captivate - Advanced

Adobe Captivate users who want to create software demonstrations and interactive simulations


Adobe Captivate - Essentials
( Duration: 2 Days )


eLearning and Captivate

  • Education through Pictures
  • Planning eLearning Projects
  • Captivate Environment
  • Workspaces
  • Previewing
  • Blank Projects

Recording Demonstrations and Simulations

  • Resolution and Recording Size
  • Development Process
  • Preparing to Record
  • Access for Assistive Devices
  • Multimode Recording
  • Custom Recordings

Captions, Styles, and Timing

  • Text Captions
  • Caption Styles
  • Callout Types
  • Timeline

Images and Drawing Objects

  • Images
  • Library
  • Image Editing
  • Smart Shapes
  • Image Slideshows

Pointers, Buttons, and Highlight Boxes

  • Mouse Effects
  • Pointer Paths and Types
  • Buttons
  • Highlight Boxes

Rollovers and Zoom Areas

  • Rollover Captions
  • Rollover Images
  • Zoom Areas
  • Rollover Slide lets


  • Object Audio
  • Slide Notes
  • Recording Audio
  • Silence
  • Text-to-Speech

Video, Animation, and Effects

  • Video
  • Animation
  • Text Animation
  • Object Effects

Converting Demonstrations into Simulations

  • Demonstrations vs. Simulations
  • Find and Replace
  • Click Boxes
  • Text Entry Boxes

Working with PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint as a Starting Point
  • PowerPoint Collaboration
  • Rescaling Projects

Question Slides

  • Quiz Setup
  • Creating a Quiz


  • URL Actions
  • Skins
  • Preloaders
  • Publishing
  • Round Tripping

More Recording Modes

  • Recording Video Demos
  • Recording Outside the Box
  • Recording Manually

Adobe Captivate - Advanced
( Duration: 2 Days )



  • Setting General Preferences
  • Rehearsing a Script
  • Recording Preferences and Keys
  • Recording a Custom Simulation
  • Editing a Text Capture Template

Importing and Branching

  • Importing a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Editing a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Resizing a Project
  • Importing Project Slides and Objects
  • Labeling a Slide
  • Using Buttons to Create a Branch
  • Exploring the Branching Tab
  • Creating a Slide Group
  • Aggregating Published SWFs

Question Pools

  • Inserting a Question Slide
  • Creating and Renaming Question Pools
  • Adding Questions to Question Pools
  • Inserting Random Question Slides

Accessible Projects

  • Setting Document Information
  • Enabling Accessibility
  • Adding Accessibility Text to Slides
  • Importing Audio
  • Adding Shortcut Keys
  • Adding Closed Captions

Commenting, Image Editing, and Photoshop Layers

  • Sending a Project for Review
  • Creating a Background Mask
  • Editing a Slide Background
  • Deleting a Slide Background
  • Importing a Photoshop File
  • Photoshop Layers

Variables, Widgets and Buttons

  • Adding Document Information
  • Inserting a System Variable
  • Editing a System Variable
  • Creating a User Variable
  • Using a Variable to Gather Data
  • Inserting a Question Widget
  • Inserting a Certificate Widget
  • Creating Custom Buttons

Project and Design Templates

  • Creating a Project Template
  • Creating a Project From a Template
  • Recording Additional Slides
  • Deleting Unused Objects
  • Creating a Mask
  • Adding a Text Animation Placeholder
  • Creating a Design Template
  • Formatting Design Template Objects
  • Applying a Design Template to a Project

Advanced Actions

  • Controlling Object Visibility
  • Naming Items
  • Attaching Multiple Actions to Objects
  • Creating Variables
  • Adding Text Entry Boxes
  • Creating a Script
  • Attaching a Script to a Slide
  • Testing and Editing a Script

Learning Management Systems

  • Setting Quiz Reporting Options
  • Creating a Manifest File
  • Reporting a Button Interaction
  • Adjusting Slide Object Interaction
  • Publishing a Content Package
  • Creating an Inquisiq LMS Account
  • Creating an LMS Lesson
  • Creating an LMS Program
  • Creating an LMS Curriculum
  • Testing an e-Learning Program

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